For Content Contributors

WebGenDB (WGDB) is the UC Berkeley Library’s digital content management system and is used for the Digital Scriptorium. The process begins with inputting data into WGDB, which can be done one of two ways:

1) Receive a login to the WGDB web interface for your institution.

Contact Debra Cashion to request your account/password.

2) Fill out the Excel (downloadable) or Google spreadsheet.

There are two versions of the spreadsheet: one a Google spreadsheet with the headers locked and the other a xslx spreadsheet also with the headers protected. You can use either.

Although many institutions choose to display only a selection of images for each record, DS will take all images you have for a manuscript. You may choose to include captions for each image, but for completely digitized manuscripts this is not practical, as each caption needs to be matched to its appropriate image file on a separate spreadsheet. We recommend following FADGI guidelines at the level of 2 stars or higher. The higher the level the better the image will display. Please see the FADGI guidelines for more information.

Please contact us via the feedback form if you have any questions.