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CARTULARY of Battle Abbey
England, s. XIIIex and s. XIVin
1. ff. 1v-6v: [foliated flyleaves] f. 1v: Charter in French of Guy Ferre, “cyvaler,” chamberlain to Prince Edward, 23 April 1298; copy of inquisition at Brightwalton, June, 1300; note on land management; f. 2: copy of chancery enrollment of writ of Edward I allowing market liberties at Wye, 6 August 1285; notes about market liberties, s. XIIIex; list of members of council in chancery; note that an enrollment exists “in rotul. de mercato,” roll 6, of allowance of fiscal market liberties at Wye, 1294-95; note that allowance of fiscal market rights at Battle exists in the same roll; note that the above does not pertain “modernis temporibus” in the leuga since the abbot has established his rights more fully over the market there during the visit of the king to Battle, 25 August 1324 (also in London, Brit. Lib., Harley 3586, ff. 34-36; printed in E. Searle, Lordship and Community: Battle Abbey and its Banlieu, Toronto 1974, 242, n. 32); f. 2v: copies of 2 charters granting a corrody to the chamberlain of the bishop of Chichester, January 1330, November 1330; f. 3: copies of 3 thirteenth century charters, the first dated February 1246, concerning the lands of Sibylla of Icklesham; ff. 3v-6, blank except for later pen trials and ownership note (see below); f. 6v, 3 notes entered in 3 different hands, s. XIV-XV, of allocations in Exchequer, 2 of payments made by the Master of the Hospital of St. Bartholomew, Smithfield for heriots and reliefs due from lands of the manor of Hoo, Essex. 2. ff. 7-11v: [Alphabetical index of royal charters arranged by subject according to manors and liberties, both secular and ecclesiastical] Incipit tabula secundum alphabetum distincta super cartas regum. Carta regis Willelmi primi…; [ff. 10r-v:] Annotaciones bullarum munimentorum pontificum que in hoc volumine continentur; [ff. 10v-11v:] Confirmaciones Archiepiscoporum Cant. et aliorum episcoporum de ecclesiis quas habemus in proprios usus et porcionibus et de presentacionibus ad easdem factis; f. 12r-v, blank.
Subject indexes to the contents of part 1 (ff. 13-98v below) of the cartulary written by the compiler of the second part (ff. 100-237). References are to folio (in roman numerals) and occasionally to folio and letter of the alphabet. While the compiler to the index has foliated the text of the cartulary through parts 1 and 2, he has subdivided the folios by the letter of the alphabet only to f. 22v.
3. ff. 13-98v: Part 1 of the cartulary containing transcripts of royal, papal and episcopal charters to 1286. Clear rubrics throughout. Brief notes regarding the contents of the charter and occasionally the location of the original, entered in the margins by various hands, s. XIV-XVI; ff. 41v-42: charter of Abbot Walter (1139-71) concerning Promhill, near Winchelsea; ff. 42v-43, charters of Robert of Hastings and John, abbot of Battle concerning Promhill; f. 43, memorandum in French concerning Battle Abbey’s rights “appelle Craspeys, Wrek et invenciones sur les costeres de la mer”; f. 43v, 2 lists: charters and confirmations of Edward II, charters of Edward III; f. 44, letter patent of Edward III confirming his inspection of the writ of Edward I concerning Battle’s market at Wye, dated Woolmer, 6 August 1285 (Calendar of Close Rolls, 1279-88, 335. Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1364-67, 221); ff. 44v-45, letter of John, bishop of Chichester to Battle; charters on ff. 48-58, i.e. papal grants from Alexander III to Innocent III, have been crossed out; various passages inked out throughout the remainder of part 1; ff. 62v-63, blank; f. 63v, added charter of the archbishop of Canterbury concerning Wye, 1314. Following f. 64 the rubrics have been erased and rewritten. Added charters on ff. 65v, 74r-v, 77; ff. 77v, 83v, 87v, 90v, blank; f. 92v, crossed out; f. 94, added charter; f. 94v, blank; f. 98v, added charter; f. 99r-v, blank.
4. f. 100r-v: Incipit tabula secundum alphabetum distincta super cartas maniorum monachorum; f. 101r-v, blank.
Subject index to part 2; references are to folio (in roman numerals) and deed number.
5. ff. 102-237v: Part 2 of the cartulary containing abstracts of charters arranged and numbered by place: Villata de bello et leuga…; ff. 102-143v, Sussex; ff. 143v-199, Kent; ff. 200-213, Surrey; ff. 214-215v, 225v, Essex; ff. 216v-219, Berkshire; ff. 219v-220, Wiltshire; ff. 221v-222v, Hampshire; ff. 223v-224v, Suffolk; ff. 224v-225, West Greenwich, Lewsham, Depford, Camberwell, ‘Brockele’; f. 225v, Byeastenover in Pevensey; ff. 226-228, letters concerning the priory of St. Nicholas, Exeter; f. 229, charter purchasing a corrody, 3 November 22 Edward I. Note on “temporalia abbatis de bello”; ff. 230-236v, Annotacio cartarum de terris et redditibus quas habemus in London in Suthwerk. Numerous additions on blank or partially blank leaves in various hands: ff. 108-113, 115v, 118, 135-136, 143v-144v, 146, 157, 160v, 162v, 178, 187-188, 199, 209v, 215v, 217v-218, 219, 222v, 224-225, 226v-229, 236. Blank pages: ff. 113v, 146v, 177v, 178v, 188v, 199v, 213v, 216, 220v, 221, 223, 226; f. 229v is blank, and rough as if it were once the rear pastedown; f. 237r-v, blank but foliated.
Portions of parts 1 and 2 transcribed in the eighteenth century by D. Casley (Huntington Library BA 31, formerly Phillipps 9930 vol. 1) and in 1762 by W. Hayley, now London, Brit. Lib., Add. 6348, ff. 2-83 and 6344, ff. 22-110.
6. ff. 238-246v: [Election treatise:] Rubricella regendi monachos monasterio vacante; f. 247r-v, blank. Parchment (of varying quality, poorly finished), ff. ii (modern paper) + 247 + iii (modern paper); 251 × 182 (185 × 125) mm. 1-263-412 512(-12) 6-710 814(-3, 6) 9-108 116 1212(a quire of 4, ff. 110-113, inserted after 7) 1312 14-1510 16-1812 1912(-7) 2010 2112 228(-8) 236(-3) 248 2510(-10). Catchwords (occasionally entered twice); quires 3-6 signed i-iiii on the first leaf lower right corner. Pt. 1, 26-27 long lines, ruled in lead point; pt. 2, 29 long lines ruled in ink. Main text written by 2 people: i, ff. 13-41, 48-62, 64-98, littera textualis; ii, ff. 7-11 (table), 100, 102-108, 116-158, probably 158-177, 179-236. Additions made to both sections by various hands on blank spaces; final flyleaves written in a late fourteenth century anglicana with secretary features. Pt. 1, 4-line primary initials in red and blue with filigree and tendrils occasionally left incomplete; pt. 2, paragraph marks, chapter numbers, running headlines in red. Foliated in contemporary arabic (red) and roman (brown) numerals: ff. 13-237 (i.e., parts 1-2) numbered 1-219, i-ccxxix, used in the index. Foliated 47-305 in the nineteenth century when it was bound with BA 33 which then formed ff. 1-46 of the present volume. There is no indication that these 2 volumes were originally together. Bound, s. XIX, in brown calf while it belonged to Sir Thomas Phillipps. Written at Battle Abbey in Sussex in the late thirteenth century and early fourteenth century (most recent charter in pt. 1, 1286), with additions entered over the next 2 centuries. Acquired by Sir Anthony Browne who purchased Battle Abbey in 1538-39. Passed to his son, created Viscount Montague in 1554; ex libris on f. 4, “Iste liber attinet Anthonio Browne vic. mountague.” Remained in the family until 1721 when it was sold with the abbey to Sir Thomas Webster. The Battle Abbey muniments were sold in 1835 by Sir Godfrey Webster, 5th Bart., to Thomas Thorpe (Descriptive Catalogue, London 1835, pp. 1-2). Purchased by Sir Thomas Phillipps: Phillipps no. 9928 on spine and on f. 1. Regarding the Battle Abbey muniments, see Guide to British Historical Manuscripts, 1-20. Acquired with the Battle Abbey papers from the Phillipps estate by Henry E. Huntington through A. S. W. Rosenbach in 1923.
Secundo folio: [f. 14, Text] (mariti-) mas consuetudines
Bibliography: G. R. C. Davis, Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain (London 1958) 5 n. 29.Guide to British Historical Manuscripts, 5.
Guide to British Historical Manuscripts
[M. L. Robertson], Guide to British Historical Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino 1982)

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