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BA 33

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CARTULARY of Battle Abbey
England, 1307-27
ff. 1-40v: Privileges of Battle Abbey followed by precedents concerning the abbey’s privileges, including records of writs, allowances of fines and announcements, and judgments in Exchequer, King’s Bench and by various itinerant justices from the reigns of Richard I to Edward III, inclusive. The number of the roll from which each has been copied is recorded; the latest judgment is dated 25 July 1322 (f. 42); ff. 41-43v, ruled, but blank.
Folios 1-8, the liberties of Battle in the time of Henry of Rye (steward 1307-ca. 1327; see E. Searle, Lordship and Community: Battle Abbey and its Banlieu, Toronto 1974, 244-46) are printed from this manuscript in W. Dugdale, Monasticon anglicanum (London 1846) 3:248-51; ff. 11-20 are printed in English from a later version in Sussex Archaeological Collections 26 (1875) 155-63. BA 33 includes pleadings of the Eyre of Kent; also in Placita de Quo Warranto (London 1818) 333-35, 364-65, and in Eyre of Kent. Selden Society 24 (1909); 27 (1912); 29 (1913). Battle’s pleading in the Eyre of Kent also in London, Lincoln’s Inn, Hale B87.
Parchment, ff. iii (modern paper) + 43 + iii (modern paper); 239 × 165 (178 × 114) mm. 1-212(material lacking? catchword does not match) 312 48(-5). Catchwords (none on quire 3); leaves signed through first half of quire. Foliated with letters of the alphabet: quires 1-2 = a-z, tironian seven; quires 3-4 = a-q, on upper right. Modern foliation, upper right. 2 columns of 31 lines, ruled in ink, double external bounding lines; prickings visible, 2 sets on quire 1. Written by one person in a littera textualis formata. Carefully made decoration, left incomplete in the latter portions of the book and suffering from water damage throughout; cusped and parted bars in magenta, blue, and orange, framing the text, terminating in green leaves and finely-drawn heads of monks and grotesques with human heads, with some use of gold ground and white penwork; incomplete initials (pen outlines only) on ff. 25-40 (quires 3-4). Major initials, 2-line in gold on blue and magenta grounds. Secondary initials, 2-line, in red. Bound, s. XIX, in brown calf while it belonged to Sir Thomas Phillipps. Compiled at Battle Abbey in response to the quo warranto proceedings during the administration of Henry of Rye, steward 1307-ca. 1327. Regarding the history of the Battle Abbey muniments through the Browne and Webster families, see the description of BA 29. Owned by Sir Thomas Phillipps; his MS 9931 (label on spine, number on f. i verso and bottom of f. 1). Formerly bound as ff. 1-46 of BA 29.
Secundo folio: sokne et latrocinio
Bibliography: T. Thorpe, Descriptive Catalogue of the…Muniments of Battle Abbey… (London 1835) 2; not included in G. R. C. Davis, Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain (London 1958) 5-6.Guide to British Historical Manuscripts, 5.
Guide to British Historical Manuscripts
[M. L. Robertson], Guide to British Historical Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino 1982)

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