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England, s. XIVmed
1. f. 2: [badly faded] Curia tenta apud Audele die martis proximo ante festum sancti Gregorii anno regni regis Edwardi tercii… 2. f. 2v: Copy of an entry in a court roll recording a surrender by William and Matilda Podemor of 2 acres of land near the gate of the park of Heighleigh Castle to the use of Robert de Podemor for life, remainder in tail to Richard, his son, and of an entry fine paid in the presence of Richard de Solias and John de Wodhull, dated at Audley, Staffordshire on 17 January 1329. 3. f. 3r-v: //par la peine procheinement dite…le Roi en faira par meismes la maniere. Et//
Cancelled leaf (conjunct with f. 13), containing the statute of Westminster I, chapters 28-31, 3 Edward I; SR 1:34.
4. ff. 4-13: Chapter list of Magna Carta, Carta de foresta, provisions of Merton, statutes of Marlborough, Westminster I, Gloucester, Westminster II, of bigamy, of fines levied and of Winchester; f. 13v, full page miniature (see below). 5. ff. 14-19v: [added, s. XV1] Calendar in red and black including the feasts of David (1 March), Chad (2 March), “Resurrectio domini” (27 March, in red), Dunstan (19 May, in red), Anne (26 July, in red), Winifred (3 November, in red). 6. ff. 20-29: Magna Carta, here in French, 28 Edward I; SR 1, charters, 38-41. 7. ff. 29-34: Carta de foresta, here in French, 28 Edward I; SR 1, charters, 42-44. 8. ff. 34-39v: Provisions of Merton, here in French, 20 Henry III; SR 1:1-4. 9. ff. 39v-54: Statute of Marlborough, here in French, 52 Henry III; SR 1:19-25. 10. ff. 54-80: Statute of Westminster I, 3 Edward I; SR 1:26-39. 11. ff. 80-87: Statute of Gloucester, beginning with the chapter on damages in novel disseisin, 6 Edward I; SR 1:45-50. 12. ff. 87-88v: Exposition of the statute of Gloucester, here in French, 6 Edward I; SR 1:50. 13. ff. 88v-145v: Statute of Westminster II, here in French, 13 Edward I; SR 1:71-95. 14. ff. 145v-147: Quia emptores, here in French, 18 Edward I; SR 1:106. 15. ff. 147-148v: Statute for religious men, here in French, 7 Edward I; SR 1:51. 16. ff. 148v-151: Statute of bigamy, here in French, 4 Edward I; SR 1:42-43. 17. ff. 151-154v, 158 [misbound]: Statute of fines levied, here in French, 27 Edward I; SR 1:126-30. 18. ff. 158-160v, 155-157 [misbound]: Statute of Winchester, 13 Edward I; SR 1:96-98. 19. ff. 157r-v, 161-164v, 166r-v [misbound]: Statute of merchants, followed by a writ on this statute addressed to the sheriff of Warwick, 13 Edward I; SR 1:98-100 and footnote a. 20. ff. 166v, 165r-v, 167 [misbound]: View of frankpledge; SR 1:246-47. 21. ff. 167-168v: Statute concerning conspirators, in 2 parts, the second being, “Nostre seingnur le Roi Annunciant Gilbert de Rouburi son clerc…vers nostre Seingnur le Roi grievement soient punitz”; SR 1:216. 22. ff. 168v-169: Assize of weights and measures, here in French, the first paragraph only, “Pur la descrecion des toutz iceux du Roialme D’engleterre fust la mesme nostre Seignur le Roi fait…Et viii Ialons du vin fount le bussel de Loundre cest assavoir l’utisme partie du quartier”; SR 1:204. 23. f. 169v: [added, s. XIVmed] Statute of Ireland concerning coparceners, ending unfinished, “…homagia de omnibus filiabus cepimus et singule earum de nobis//,” 20 Henry III; SR 1:5. 24. f. 169v: [added in another hand] Tres infelices in mundo novimus esse…[Walther, Proverbia 31559].
Parchment, ff. ii (modern paper) + 169 + ii (modern paper); 130 × 86 (97 × 54) mm. 12(contemporary flyleaves included in the foliation) 210(+10) 36(calendar) 48 56 6-228; the 3 center bifolia of quire 20 (ff. 155-160) and the center bifolium of quire 21 (ff. 165-166) reversed in binding. Catchwords in inner lower margin, usually set off by red or blue paragraph marks. 24 long lines, ruled in lead with double vertical bounding lines for the written space and with additional sets of double rules in the 3 outer margins. Calendar ruled in pale red ink for 2 columns of 20 lines and written in a textura script. Main texts in an anglicana formata script. On f. 13v, full page miniature of the Crucifixion with Mary and John the Evangelist. 12- to 9-line white-patterned blue or pink initials set on grounds of the other color, infilled with trilobe leaves and grotesques in orange, green, pink and blue on gold grounds, with cusped U-shaped extensions in the margins in the same colors, also including grotesques; 3- and 2-line initials in blue with pale red flourishing and infilling of void leaves, or in red with the same style purple flourishing; these initials with red and blue cascade borders surmounted by roundels containing leaves in void technique; paragraph marks alternating red and blue; running headlines and chapter numbers in the outer margin set off by paragraph marks. Bound, ca. 1840, in red morocco with the Bridgewater crest stamped in blind on both covers; marbled endpapers; gilt edges. Written in England during the middle of the fourteenth century; the calendar copied presumably between 1415 (feasts of David, Chad and Winifred instituted at that date) and 1456 (canonization of Osmund; not present in this calendar). The material on f. 2v suggests early ownership in Staffordshire. On f. 149, three armorial shields: the first, of England: gules, 3 lions passant gardant or; the second, of Spencer: quarterly argent and gules, 2 and 3 fret or, overall a bend sable; the third, of Garland of Lincolnshire (?): gules, 2 bars or, in chief 3 bezants. On f. 1v, ca. 1500, “Robert Bulkeley.” On f. 3, pressmarks in the hand of John Egerton (1622-86), 2nd Earl of Bridgewater: “T/4,” “L:CC:G.8,” and “L:CC:H:15./1.” Acquired by Henry E. Huntington with the Bridgewater Library in 1917 (see pp. 5-7).
Secundo folio: [f. 21, Text] cestes franchises
Bibliography: De Ricci, 133. Legal Manuscripts, n. 7 open at f. 34.
De Ricci
S. De Ricci, with the assistance of W. H. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (New York 1935-37; index 1940)
Legal Manuscripts
Legal Manuscripts and Printed Books: a Sequence Illustrating the Development of English and American Law for the Visit of the American Bar Association, July 19, 1935 at the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Marino, California (San Marino 1935)
Statutes of the Realm (London 1810-28)
Walther, Proverbia
H. Walther, Proverbia sententiaeque latinitatis medii aevi. Lateinische Sprichworter und Sentenzen des Mittelalters in alphabetischer Anordnung. Carmina medii aevi posterioris latina 2 (Göttingen 1963-67, and new series in progress)

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