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EL 9 H 11

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England, s. XII2/4
ff. 1-197v: Iuliano consuli ac Patricio Priscianus salutem, Cum omnis eloquentię doctrinam et omne studiorum genus sapientię luce prefulgens…[f. lv:] Incipiunt Capitula libri prisciani primi, Primus liber continet de voce et eius specibus…xvi, Sextusdecimus de coniunctione; xvii, Septimusdecimus et octavusdecimus de constructione sive ordinatione partium orationis inter se. [f. 2, Text:] Prisciani grammatici viri disertissimi apocrisarii cesariensis urbis Rome constantinopolitane liber primus de arte grammatica incipit, Philosophi diffiniunt vocem esse aerem tenuissimum ictum…Idem in iii. Nam neque erant astrorum ignes nec lucidus ęthra sydera polus. Artis Prisciani grammatici viri disertissimi cesariensis doctoris urbis romę constantinopolitanę preceptoris liber xvi explicit.
M. Hertz, ed., Prisciani grammatici Caesariensis institutionum grammaticarum libri XVIII in H. Keil, Grammatici latini (Leipzig 1855 and 1859) vols. 2 and 3 to p. 105, being the Priscianus major, although the chapter list includes on f. 2 chapters 17 and 18. See M. Gibson, “Priscian, ‘Institutiones Grammaticae’: A Handlist of Manuscripts,” Scriptorium 26 (1972) 105-24 with a list of 527 manuscripts including EL 9 H 11. G. Ballaira, Per il catalogo dei codici di Prisciano (Turin 1982) p. 278, *594.
Parchment, ff. ii (paper) + 197 + ii (paper); 262 × 173 (196 × 105) mm. 1-248 254(+5), with quires 6 and 7, respectively ff. 41-48 and 49-56, reversed in binding. Catchwords in lead in a noting hand placed close to inner margin on ff. 8v, 16v, 24v, 32v, 56v. 33 long lines, ruled in dry point on the hair side through quire 18 (f. 144), thereafter in lead; most folios with double ruling to contain minims; double bounding lines; pricking visible in upper and lower margins. Written by 3 people in minuscule scripts: i, ff. 1-144v; ii, ff. 145-156v; iii, ff. 157-197v. Opening initial, f. 1, 11-line, in gold and blue with infilling of green and ochre foliage and some use of red and blue, especially as decoration on scattered gold roundels; f. 99v (Book 8), 9-line initial in similar style. Other initials, 6- to 2-line, up to f. 57 in similar style and colors, but without the gold roundels; the remaining large initials, 7- to 3-line, on f. 77 and from f. 125 on, of poorer quality and using only gold, green and red. Secondary initials, 4- to 1-line, in red, blue or green, some with leafy tendrils in another color; initials in text touched with red on ff. 1v-2, 157v-160, 180-184v; red paragraph marks on ff. 2v-3 and 189v-191; rubrics and running headlines in red. Square capitals in red, pale brown or ink of text sometimes used for first lines of books or chapters (e.g. ff. 12, 18v, 25v, 99v). Contemporary and thirteenth century marginalia, cropped; on f. 94v, in a fifteenth century hand: “anglice a stere of a shyppe.” Bound, ca. 1840, in dark red morocco with the Bridgewater crest on both covers; gilt edges. Written in England in the second quarter of the twelfth century. De Ricci suggested that the script might point to Bury St. Edmunds; attribution rejected by Ker, MLGB, 22. On f. 1, the price “3 s. 4 d.” On f. ii, the cancelled pressmark “N.5” in the hand of John Egerton (1579-1649), 1st Earl of Bridgewater; also on f. ii, “W:4./5.” in the hand of the second Earl (1622-86), and on f. 1, his signature as J[ohn Egerton, Viscount] Brackley, presumably inscribed before his father’s death in 1649. The Bridgewater Library was acquired by Henry E. Huntington in 1917 (see pp. 5-7).
Secundo folio: species ex quibus
Bibliography: De Ricci, “Handlist,” 106. De Ricci, 130.
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