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EL 9 H 15

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England, s. XIV2-XVImed
1. ff. 1-2v, blank; ff. 3-8v: Graded calendar in red and black, of the Sarum type with the dedication of the church at Ashridge (22 October).
Printed by E. Searle, “The Calendar, Martyrology and Customal of the Boni Homines of Ashridge,” Mediaeval Studies 23 (1961) 260-93.
2. ff. 9-98v: [Martyrology] Kalendis Ianuarii Luna A. Circumcisio domini nostri ihesu christi…Sancti hermetis exorciste. Et aliorum plurimorum sanctorum martirum confessorum atque virginum.
A version of the Usuard martyrology, PL 123:601-992 and 124:9-858, closest to the early manuscript the Bollandists called “Praten”; see E. Searle. Many added obituary notices of brothers and benefactors, including on f. 91v that of John Hundun, bishop of Llandaff, Wales (1458-resigned 1476), printed by H. J. Todd, The History of the College of Bonhommes at Ashridge (London 1823) 22-23. Entry for Thomas of Canterbury, f. 98r-v, erased.
3. ff. 90-116v: Customal, described in detail by E. Searle and printed by H. J. Todd as follows: ff. 99-102v, printed on pp. 11-14; ff. 102v-103, a lengthy rubric, in part printed, in part in resumé by Todd on p. 16; ff. 103-106, printed on pp. 16-19; ff. 106-110, in resumé on p. 19 with a small portion of ff. 107v-108 printed on pp. 19-20; ff. 110-112, in resumé on pp. 20-21; f. 112r-v, printed in footnote “q” on pp. 20-21; ff. 112v-113, printed in footnote “p” on p. 20; ff. 113v-114v, ruled, but blank; ff. 115-116v, in resumé on pp. 21-22 with a few lines of f. 116 on p. 22. See also G. R. C. Davis, Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain (London 1958) n. 14. 4. ff. 117-119v: Annals, completely ruled but entries only on f. 117, beginning with the date 1525 entered at the top of the folio; among other dates, for 1539: “Hoc anno nobilis domus de Asseherugge destructa fuit et fratres expulsi in die sancti leonardi”; the same hand continues to make entries through 1548, and filled in the beginning date at the top of f. 117v, “1561.” 5. f. 120r-v: An endowment, printed by Todd in footnote “m” on p. 19; f. 121r-v, ruled but blank.
Parchment, ff. ii (early modern paper) + 121 (actually 111, but foliated incorrectly, skipping from 10 to 21) + ii (early modern paper); 270 × 185 (193 × 120) mm. 1-118 1212 134 142 and 5 leaves of uncertain structure. Catchwords in frames in lower right corner. 32 lines in the calendar, 29 in the martyrology, 29-36 in the customal. Ruled in lead with single bounding lines, pricking visible in upper and lower margins. Main texts, the calendar and the martyrology, written in 2 hands: i, ff. 3-98v and f. 120r-v; ii, ff. 99-110; the customal in 4 other hands: iii, f. 110r-v; iv, ff. 111-113; v, ff. 115-116v; vi, f. 117. Opening initial, f. 9, 4-line, parted red and blue with void leaf design formed in red, with careful flourishing in red and purple; 3-line initials, blue with orange-red penwork; the red of the penwork loses its orange cast on ff. 99-110 and 115-116v. Initials within the text in blue; paragraph marks, red for the martyrology, thereafter in blue; initials slashed in red for the text, f. 110r-v. Rubrics in orange-red ink. On f. 119v, pen trials: the date “mo cccco lxvo,” followed by a 4-line calendar verse repeated twice, “Dic lector nonas sic idus atque kalendas…” Bound, ca. 1840, in red morocco with the Bridgewater crest stamped in gold on both covers; marbled endpapers; gilt edges. Written during the second half of the fourteenth century with additions through the mid-sixteenth century, in the house of the Boni Homines (“Bonshommes”) at Ashridge. See Ker, MLGB, 5, H.C. Schulz, “The Monastic Library and Scriptorium at Ashridge,” HLQ 1 (1938) 305-11, and provenance of EL 7 H 8. On f. 3, Bridgewater pressmark “L:CC:R:4/8” in the hand of John Egerton (1622-86), 2nd Earl of Bridgewater. The Bridgewater Library acquired by Henry E. Huntington in 1917 (see pp. 5-7).
Secundo folio: [f. 10, Text] Rome sanctorum
Bibliography: De Ricci, 130.
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