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Italy, s. XIVmed
ff. 1-107v: //Hauriat hunc oculis ignem crudelis ab alto…Securi pelagi atque mei mars perdere gentem// [2 leaves missing; f. 36:] //Quare age et armari pubem portisque moveri…Et sacrane acies et picti scuta labici// [2 leaves missing; f. 42:] //Quam pius eneas tibi enim tibi maxima iuno…nocte sedens serum canit importuna per umbram//
R. A. B. Mynors, ed., P. Vergilii Maronis opera (Oxford 1969) here only 4.661-7.304, 7.429-796, 8.84-12.864. The Ps. Ovidian arguments precede each book, the space for the argument of Book 12 on f. 94v having been left blank and filled in later with the argument for Book 10: “Occidit enee decimo mecentius ira…” Regarding the marginal and interlinear gloss adapted from Servius, see C. E. Murgia, Prolegomena to Servius 5: The Manuscripts. University of California Publications: Classical Studies 2 (Berkeley 1975) 67, citing this manuscript.
Parchment, ff. ii (modern parchment) + 107 + ii (modern parchment; 282 × 195 (195 × 90) mm. 1-48 58(-4, 5 after f. 35) 68(-4, 5 after f. 41) 7-138 148(-8). Catchwords in the center of the lower margin. 31 lines of verse through quire 8, thereafter 32 lines, with double bounding lines; pricking occasionally visible in the outer margin. Written in a round gothic script. 5- or 4-line initials for the Ps. Ovidian arguments and the books, alternating red and blue on square yellow grounds, with green and yellow leaf extensions, and possibly red and blue acanthus leaves; versals washed in yellow; red paragraph marks; nota bene hands; running headlines added by the same seventeenth century owner who retraced some of the text where the ink had flaked off, and who added marginal commentary on ff. 15v-32 in Latin and Italian. Bound by Birdsall in stamped niger morocco over wooden boards. Written in Italy in the middle of the fourteenth century, where it remained until at least the seventeenth century. Belonged to David John Carnegie, 10th Earl of Northesk (1865-1921); his sale, London, 23 July 1914, n. 435 to G. D. Smith who placed it in a sale by Anderson, New York, 12 December 1917, n. 443 to G. D. Smith. Precise source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown. Bibliography: De Ricci, “Handlist” 108. De Ricci, 81.
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