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Italy, s. XIV1
1. f. 1: [Epitaph of Lucan] Corduba me genuit rapiunt nero prelia dixi…Que tractim serpant plus michi coma placent.
Walther, Initia 3329.
2. ff. 1-72v: Bella per hemathios plusquam civilia campos…Deformem pallore d[ucem voltusque prementem]//
C. Hosius, ed., M. Annaei Lucani Belli Civilis Libri decem (Leipzig 1913) 1-229, through Book 8.56.
Parchment (stiff and yellowish), ff. iii (modern paper) + 72 + iii (modern paper); 237 × 164 (190 × 85) mm. 1-98. Most catchwords washed away, those remaining on ff. 8v and 24v in simply decorated frames. 34-42 lines of verse, ruled in ink. Written in an uneven round gothic script. Parted red and blue initials, 12- to 8-line, with crude flourishing in ink of text and in red, on ff. 1, 11, 21v, 31v, 42, 52v, 62, 72; 2-line red initial for Epitaph on f. 1; 1-line initials slashed in red up to f. 14. Running headlines alternating red and black numbers up to f. 14, thereafter supplied, s. XVII. Sketch of a head, f. 9. A few marginal notes. Final leaves damaged by damp. Bound in brown morocco by Macdonald; gilt edges. Written in Italy in the first half of the fourteenth century. The name “Rocchigiani” on f. 17, s. XVII (?). Belonged to David John Carnegie, 10th Earl of Northesk (1865-1921); his sale, London, 23 July 1914, n. 418 to G. D. Smith, Cat. 13 (1915) n. 693, who placed it in a sale by Anderson, New York, 12 December 1917 n. 298 to G. D. Smith for Henry E. Huntington.
Secundo folio: Sollicitare deum
Bibliography: De Ricci, “Handlist” 105. De Ricci, 81.
De Ricci
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Walther, Initia
H. Walther, Initia carminum ac versuum medii aevi posterioris latinorum. Carmina medii aevi posterioris latina 1 (Göttingen 1959)

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