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HM 1043

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Germany, s. XIImed
1. ff. 1v-147v [f. 1, blank]: Gospel lections for 218 feasts of the temporale, Advent through the Friday after the 25th Sunday after Pentecost; in the Passion gospels, ff. 61v-92v, the readers are distinguished by suprascript letters “l,” “a,” and “c”; crosses on ff. 69, 77, 83v and 92v indicate the return to the Gospel tone. 2. ff. 147v-174: Gospel lections for 110 feasts of the sanctorale, Silvester (31 December) through Thomas the Apostle (21 December); included are readings for Gereon, the 300 Martyrs of Mauretania, the 11,000 Virgins, Severinus and Cunibert. 3. ff. 174-177v: Gospel lections for the common of saints, in dedicatione Ecclesie, in dedicatione altaris, de sancta trinitate, de sancta cruce, in Agenda mortuorum. [f. 178r-v, blank] Parchment, ff. ii (modern parchment) + 178 + ii (modern parchment); 253 × 168 (170 × 98) mm. 18(-1) 2-218 228(+3 leaves at the end). 23 long lines, ruled in lead, double bounding lines on all 4 sides; written above the top line; slash pricking in the lower margin of a few leaves. Written in a minuscule script. Space reserved for a 3-line initial within text space on f. 93 for Easter eve; plain 4- to 2-line red initials placed outside text space; beginning letters filled in red; rubrics throughout. Bound in modern purple velvet; gilt edges; on f. 178v, signs of a previous binding with metal guards at the 4 corners, 2 fore edge clasps and center boss. Written in the middle of the twelfth century in Germany for use in the diocese of Cologne, to judge from saints in the sanctorale. On f. 178, note in an eighteenth century (?) hand: “Ss. nullus in hoc continetur post S. Lambertum 708 beatorum. Ergo videtur hic Codex scriptus exeunte seculo VIII vel ineunte seculo nono.” Belonged to J. N. Rosenberg; sale by Anderson, New York, 18 January 1917, n. 269A to G. D. Smith. Smith Cat. [n. 14, 1917] n. 105 to Henry E. Huntington.
Secundo folio: ramos de arboribus
Bibliography: De Ricci, 84.
De Ricci
S. De Ricci, with the assistance of W. H. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (New York 1935-37; index 1940)

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