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Germany, 1593
1. ff. 1-19v: Material pertaining to storms: f. 1r-v, added in a cursive hand, Coniuratio contra tempestate Oratio devotissima, Adiuro vos angeli tartarei per Patrem et Filium…; ff. 2-5v, Benedictio contra tempestatem. Cum primo tempestas immoderate exurgit tunc proiicit contra illam sacerdos aquam benedictam…, Adiutorium nostrum in nomine domini…; ff. 6-7, John 1, 1-14; ff. 7-9v: litany, including the angels by categories (Angels, Archangels, Virtues, Thrones, et al.); 4 prophets (Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel); 3 patriarchs (John the Baptist, Joachim, Joseph); the apostles; among martyrs Oswald; among confessors Conrad, Ulric, Silvester; among monks Gallus, Othmar; among virgins Odilia, Bridget; among widows Afra; ff. 10v-11, a recounting from the gospel of Mark of Jesus walking on the water in a storm; ff. 11v-19, prayers and benedictions against storms; f. 19, “Frater Adamus Seidler Anno 1593”; f. 19v, added in a cursive hand, Has nubes quas video ante me… 2. ff. 20-23: Material pertaining to the reconciliation of murderers, in German and in Latin: Modus seu actus publicus agendus cum publicis et coram poenitentibus notoriorum seu manifestorum homicidarum, Sicht du Zuo gleicher weis wie ich abblas diser kertzen liecht…; f. 20, “Frater A. Seidler 1593”; f. 23, “Actum and laudem et gloriam Dei omnipotentis…Anno 1593 Quarto die Iunii Quod foelix faustumque sit D.S.M.L.P.V.” 3. f. 23v: [added in a cursive hand] Qui psalmos resecat et verba davidica curtat…Non vox sed votum non cordula musica sed cor [8 verses; Walther, Initia 15615]; Adhortatio ad divinum officium in vel extra chorum persolventes, Vos qui servitis Christo servire studete…Quam suus anterior profecto fine fruatur [6 verses; Walther, Initia 20824]; Nota bene daemonis, Officium divini cultus finemet praestolantis et diligentissime notantis, Illuc sum missus cum poenna scribere iussus…Hos sathanas signat tandemque ad tartara ducat [4 verses]. 4. f. 24r-v: [added in a different cursive hand] Epitaphia quedam in demortuos generalia, Quae mihi debebas supreme munera vitae…Debueras cineri iam superesse meo [4 verses]; Aliud, Nate heu miserum misero mihi nata parenti…Funera et inferias anxius, ecce, paro [4 verses]; Aliud, Fui non sum Estis non Eritis; Aliud, Ut moriens viveret vixit ut moriturus; Aliud, Hospes quid sim viges/ Quid fuerim nosci/ Futurus ipse quid sis cogita; Aliud, O mors, O mors, O mors/ Aerumnarum portus/ Et meta salutis. [ff. 25-45v, blank] Parchment, ff. i (contemporary paper) + 24 + 25-45 (contemporary paper with unidentified watermark of a coat of arms containing 3 rings and “ICF” below the shield); 138 × 104 (112 × 80) mm. 1-46(the parchment leaves, through f. 24) 56 610 78(-8; 6 and 7 are pastedowns). 18 long lines, frame ruled in dry point; slash pricking at the 4 corners of the text frame. Written in a textura script by Frater Adamus Seidler; in another hand are ff. 1r-v and 19v, in a cursive script, dated on f. 19v “1674”; ff. 23v and 24r-v in 2 different hands using italic scripts. Plain 2- or 1-line red initials; rubrics throughout. Contemporary foliation, 1-19, in arabic numerals. Bound, s. XVIex or XVII, in parchment over paper boards with remains of 2 fore edge ties; red speckled edges. Written in southern Germany in 1593 by Frater Adamus Seidler. Slip from an unidentified sale catalogue (Tregaskis?) tipped to f. i verso. Date and source of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown. Bibliography: De Ricci, 85.
De Ricci
S. De Ricci, with the assistance of W. H. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (New York 1935-37; index 1940)
Walther, Initia
H. Walther, Initia carminum ac versuum medii aevi posterioris latinorum. Carmina medii aevi posterioris latina 1 (Göttingen 1959)

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