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England, s. XIII2
1. ff. 2-184: Domino meo et dei servo braulioni episcopo ysidorus omni desiderio desideravi nunc videre faciem tuam…; Item prologus braulionis ad ysidorum, Domino meo et vere domino christique electo ysidoro episcoporum summer braulio servus inutilis servorum dei. O pie domine…; Epistola ysidori ad braulionem, Domino meo et dei servo braulioni episcopo ysidorus. Quia te incolumen cognovi…; Braulio ysidorus, Domino meo et vere domino christique electo ysidoro episcoporum summo braulio inutilis servus servorum dei. Solet repleri leticia…; Ysidorus braulioni, Domino meo et dei servo dei servo braulioni episcopo ysidorus. Tue sanctitatis epistule me in urbe toletanta invenerunt…; Ysidorus braulioni, In tibi pollicitus sum misi opus de origine quarundam rerum…; Ysidorus sesibuto, Domino et filio sesibuto ysidorus. En tibi sicut pollicitus sum…[f. 4, Chapter list of Book 1:] Incipiunt capitula, De disciplina et arte i, De septem liberalibus disciplinis ii…; Incipit liber primus de disciplina et arte. Capitulum primum, Disciplina a discendo nomen accepit unde et sciencia dici potest…interdum pro cura adhibetur ut vis morbi ignis ardore siccetur. Explicit ysidorus ethimologiarum in libris xx mirabiliter elaboratus. [f. 184v, blank]
CPL 1186. W. M. Lindsay, ed., Isidori Hispalensis episcopi Etymologiarum sive Originum libri XX (Oxford 1911). For the letters of Isidore, Braulio and Sisibutus, see J. Madoz, ed., Epistolario de S. Braulio de Zaragoza (Madrid 1941) 74-89, with letters 8, 3-6, a letter beginning as 7 but continuing with a list of subjects, followed by 7 as printed. For a list of 1098 manuscripts of Isidore in European libraries, see J. M. Fernandez Caton, Las Etimologias en la Tradicion Manuscrita Medieval estudiada por el Prof. Dr. Anspach (León 1966).
2. ff. 185-186: [Chapter list] Primus liber ysidori ethimologiarum habet capitula 78, 1m incipit sic Disciplina a discendo, 2m capitulum discipline liberalium…16 falere instrumenta equorum sunt. 3. ff. 186-198v: [Subject index to the Etymologiae in alphabetical order, seldom alphabetized to or beyond the third letter, referring to book and chapter] Tabula super ysidori ethimologias, Quare A est prior literarum ethimologiarum libro i capitulo 4, Aaron quare dicitur mons fortitudinis 1. 7 c. 6, Abacub…, Albanet…, Affrica…, Affricator…Zodiacus…, De zonis…, Zona zonaris…, Zorobabel, 1. 7 c. 6. [f. 199r-v, blank]
Parchment, ff. 199 (of which ff. 1 and 199 are unruled and blank) + ii (early modern paper); 324 × 219 (250 × 137) mm. 1-1412 15-168(through f. 184) 178 188(-8). Catchwords, some in rough frames, in lower right margin; leaves signed in lead in roman numerals through quire 5. In art. 1, 2 columns of 46 lines, ruled in lead with double vertical bounding lines for the text space and with additional double rules in all 4 margins; in the lower margin of the last leaf verso of each quire, another set of double rules delineates space for the catchword (occasionally missing, and occasionally also occurring on the first leaf recto). In arts. 2 and 3, 4 columns of 61 lines ruled in lead. Pricking visible in the 3 outer margins and, in quire 5, often in the space between the columns. Written by two scribes: i, art. 1, in a well formed gothic book hand; ii, arts. 2 and 3, a less precise book hand. Illustration in the left column of f. 34, 53 × 58 mm., of the sun as a spiral helix design in gold on a blue ground dotted in white; in the right column of the same folio, 76 × 24 mm., an illustration of the 7 phases of the moon in gold on a white-dotted blue ground. On f. 88v, a full page table of consanguinity colored in yellow, brown and some blue; the inscriptions of relationship are in an anglicana script, probably of the early fourteenth century; the table is flanked by 4 coats of arms (see below). Major initials, 7- to 4-line, in parted red and blue infilled with elaborate red filigree from which extends red and blue flourishing (e.g. ff. 2, 4, 32, 58v); 2-line blue initials with red flourishing (guide letters visible); 1-line initials alternating red and blue; initials in the text touched in red. Red and blue paragraph marks. Running headlines across the opening in alternating red and blue letters. Rubrics entered only through quire 5, thereafter spaces reserved; a later hand, s. XIVin (same as on f. 88v?), has made notes in lead in the lower margins for rubrics. Occasional contemporary corrections and marginal index notes; some chapter numbers entered in a later hand. Bound, s. XVII, in English sprinkled calf; gold floral stamp on spine. Written in England in the second half of the thirteenth century, with some additional work done in the early fourteenth century (f. 88v and notes to the rubricator). Four coats of arms on f. 88v: in upper left, gyronny of twelve or and azure (Bassingborne?); in upper right, or three chevrons gules (here in yellow and brown; Clare of Hertford and Gloucester?); in lower left, supported by tree-like foliage of romanesque aspect, chequy or and gules (here yellow and brown; Vaux of Gillesland or Fitzwarren?); in lower right, also supported by foliage, chequy or and azure, a chevron ermine (Warwick?). On f. 53, s. XV2, “Robert Hopkyns hys <illegible>.” Ex libris cut out from the bottom of ff. 1 and 199 (?). Maggs Cat. 356 (1917) n. 163 and Cat. 369 (1918) n. 223; belonged to G. Wells; sale by Anderson, 17 February 1919, n. 541 to G. D. Smith. Source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown.
Secundo folio: et unusquisque
Bibliography: De Ricci, 88.
E. Dekkers and A. Gaar, eds., Clavis patrum latinorum. Sacris erudiri 3 (Steenbrugge, 2nd. ed. 1961)
De Ricci
S. De Ricci, with the assistance of W. H. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (New York 1935-37; index 1940)

C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). Copyright 1989.
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