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Germany (?), s. XVIII2
Vol. I
pp. 1-324; Temporale, from the first Sunday in Advent to Holy Saturday; antiphons (noted), versicles and responses only; pp. 325-360, blank.
Vol. II
pp. 1-210: Temporale, from Easter to the 24th Sunday after Pentecost; antiphons (noted), versicles and responses only; pp. 211-228, blank.
Vol. III
Vol. IV
pp. 1-281: Sanctorale, from Monica (9 April) to Catherine of Alexandria (25 November); included are the feasts of the Patronage of Joseph (19 or 20 April), Conversion of Augustine (5 May), Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (16 July), Cajetanus (7 August), “Sancti patris nostri Augustini” (28 August), Joseph of Cupertino (18 September), Translation of Augustine (11 October); antiphons (noted), versicles and responses only; pp. 282-300, blank.
Paper (watermark “Pro Patria” similar to Heawood 3696, but with countermark “NB”), 380 × 197 (250 × 145) mm. Contemporary pagination: vol. I, pp. 360; vol. II, pp. 228; vol. IV, pp. 300. Gatherings of 4 leaves. 8 lines of text and music (on red, 4-line staves) or in 25 lines of text, or in variations thereupon. Text ruled in lead with double lines to delineate space for minims; pricking along left and right bounding lines. Written according to a roman font in 2 sizes; major headings in red and black ink; minor headings in an italic script using black ink. 2- and 1-line plain red initials. In vol. IV, running headlines of the names of the months in red. Bound, s. XVIII, in calf over wooden boards; 2 fore edge clasps; edges in blue or red. Written perhaps in Germany between 1767 (canonization of Joseph of Cupertino) and 1788 (vol. I, p. 1, in a noting hand in the lower margin: “1788 27 Aprilis F.(?) N.P.L. Haen <cropped>”); Heawood’s watermarks “Pro Patria,” 3696-3718, are of the eighteenth century. Copied for an Augustinian house, possibly one dedicated to Joseph: in vol. IV, p. 13, invitatory at matins, “Laudemus deum nostrum In veneratione beati josephi protectoris nostri.” Belonged to E. Kroencke. Date and source of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown; there is no indication that the missing vol. III was ever held by the Huntington Library. Bibliography: De Ricci, 91.
De Ricci
S. De Ricci, with the assistance of W. H. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (New York 1935-37; index 1940)
E. Heawood, Watermarks mainly of the 17th and 18th Centuries. Monumenta chartae papyraceae historiam illustrantia 1 (Hilversum 1950)

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