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Italy, s. XV and s. XVIII
1. pp. 1-5: [recto of the first leaf unnumbered; its verso, with a full page miniature of Lawrence, paginated as “1.” Proper of the Mass for the feast of Lawrence; p. 2, Introit:] Confessio et pulcritudo in conspectu eius… 2. pp. 6-16: Kyrie eleyson…; Gloria in excelsis deo…; Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus…; Agnus Dei…; Credo in unum deum… 3. pp. 16-41: [Office of Lawrence at vespers of the vigil and at matins:] In vigilia sancti Laurentii ad vesperas antiphana [sic], Laurentius ingressus est martir et confessus est… 4. pp. 41-68: Office of the Dead, use of Rome. 5. p. 69: [The first verse of the responsorial psalm of matins, Ps. 94:] Venite exultemus domino…[pp. 70-72, ruled but blank] 6. p. 73: [K]irie eleison. [C]hriste eleison. [K]irie eleison. 7. pp. 74-85: [Mass for the Dead; Introit:] Requiem eternam dona eis domine… Parchment and paper (watermark scarcely visible in the gutter), pp. ii (modern parchment) + 25 (parchment) + 26-73 (paper) + 74-85 (parchment) + ii (modern parchment); 329 × 240 (265 × 165) mm. 14(-1) 24(-3, 4; no loss of text) 36(through p. 25) 4-94 106(pp. 74-85). 6 lines of text and music, ruled in lead on the parchment leaves and in dry point on the paper leaves. Written by 3 scribes: i, pp. 2-19 and 74-85 in a round gothic script; ii, pp. 20-25, in a round gothic script; iii, pp. 26-73 in a late humanistic script. Musical notation on red 4-line staves. Full page miniature on p. 1 (the verso of the first leaf, an added singleton) of Lawrence, with face badly rubbed, holding a book and his gridiron, on a gold and red background with a mosaic border. Opening initial, 55 × 60 mm., in patterned blue and yellow on a gold ground with infilling and C-shaped border of acanthus leaves in blue, pink, green, orange and gold. On p. 74, historiated initial, 58 × 58 mm., in pink and yellow, depicting an insect-covered skeleton with a snake crawling through it; C-shaped border as above. On f. 16, similar initial, 34 × 38 mm. Secondary initials on pp. 2-19, 74-85 alternating in blue with careful red beading and harping or in red with blue; 1-line initials within the text washed in yellow. Secondary initials on pp. 20-69 in plain red. Eighteenth century pagination in red ink beginning on the verso of the first leaf and ending at 60; the following 5 leaves foliated in the same hand; the remaining leaves neither paginated or foliated. Pagination extended throughout the volume for consistency in this description. Bound, 1972, in quarter calf over wooden boards with a fore edge clasp; formerly bound in eighteenth century parchment. Written in Italy in the fifteenth century; the portion on paper, pp. 26-73, added in the eighteenth century. A catalogue description in French is affixed to the front pastedown; De Ricci states the manuscript to have been described in a German catalogue, ca. 1900. Date and source of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown.
Secundo folio: [p. 4] Levita laurentius
Bibliography: De Ricci, 91.
De Ricci
S. De Ricci, with the assistance of W. H. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (New York 1935-37; index 1940)

C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). Copyright 1989.
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