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BOOK OF HOURS, use of Paris (?)
Northern France, s. XV1
1. ff. 1-12v: Full calendar in French with major feasts in red, similar to that printed by Perdrizet. 2. ff. 13-20v: Pericopes of the Gospels, that of John followed by the prayer, Protector in te sperantium…[Perdrizet, 25]; Concede quesumus omnipotens deus ut qui unigenitum tuum redemptorem nostrum… 3. ff. 21-62v: Hours of the Virgin, possibly of the use of Paris: antiphon and capitulum at none are Sicut lilium and Per te dei. Portions of the text missing due to lost leaves, and other sections misbound; text now arranged as follows: ff. 21-25v, part of matins beginning defectively; ff. 26-27v, end of sext; ff. 28-29v, part of none; ff. 30-40v, end of matins and beginning of lauds; ff. 41-44v, end of lauds (text missing between ff. 40v-41); ff. 45-48v, the last 8 of the 15 Joys of the Virgin (see below ff. 93-94v); ff. 49-51v, part of terce; ff. 52-54v, part of sext (see above ff. 26-27v for the end); ff. 55-59v, part of vespers (text missing between ff. 58v-59); ff. 60-62v, end of compline. 4. ff. 63-74v: Obsecro te…[masculine forms; Leroquais, LH 2:346]; Sequitur oratio devota, O Intemerata…orbis terrarum. De te enim…[Wilmart, 494-95]; Oratio devota de nostra domina, Saluto te beatissima dei genitrix virgo maria angelorum regina… 5. ff. 75-90v: Penitential psalms, beginning defectively in the fourth psalm, Ps. 50, 14; litany, including Eustachius and Denis among the martyrs; Magloire, Ivo, Maturinus, Bernard and Lubin as the last confessors; Genevieve among the virgins. 6. ff. 91-92v: Short hours of the Holy Spirit, defective at the beginning and at the end. 7. ff. 93-97v: Three prayers in French as follow: ff. 93-94v, part of the heading and the first 2 of the 15 Joys, of which the last 8 are now bound as ff. 45-48v [Leroquais, LH 2:310-11]; ff. 95-97, part of the 5th, then the 4th, the 6th and the 7th of the 7 Requests [Leroquais, LH 2:309-10]; f. 97r-v, Oroison de la croix, Saincte vraye croix aouree…[Sonet 1876]. 8. ff. 98-145: Office of the Dead: ff. 98-100v, matins up to the psalm Verba mea auribus percipe; ff. 100v-145, the remaining parts of the office, with 3 lessons at matins. 9. ff. 145v-150v: Prayers as follow: S’ensuit tres devote oroison a nostre dame, O Tres certaine et souveraine esperance deffenderesse et dame…[Sonet 1538]; Oracio de nostra domina, Sancta maria mater domini nostri ihesu christi in manus tuas…; [added in a bâtarde script:] suffrage of Martin. Parchment, ff. ix (modern paper) + 150 + lxv (modern paper, all completely blank); 185 × 137 (92 × 60) mm. Because of the amount of missing material, collation represents the quires as they now stand (except in quires 4 and 6 where the missing conjugate of a bifolium is postulated): 16 26 38(through f. 20) 46(-1; ff. 21-25) 54(ff. 26-29) 64(-1; ff. 30-32) 78(ff. 30-40) 84(ff. 41-44) 94(ff. 45-48) 106(ff. 49-54) 114(ff. 55-58) 122(ff. 59-60) 138(ff. 61-68) 146(ff. 69-74) 158(ff. 75-82) 168(ff. 83-90) 174(ff. 91-94) 18-248. Catchwords in center of the lower margin in the script of text. 13 long lines ruled in pale red ink. Written in 2 sizes of a gothic book hand. Only one illumination survives, that of the Office of the Dead, f. 98: in an arched compartment above 4 lines of text, burial service in an enclosed grassy courtyard, with 3 mourners, 2 priests reading from a shared book, while 2 other men lower the white-shrouded body, marked with a long red cross, into the ground; U-shaped frame around text and miniature as a wide gold band, decorated with colored leaf patterns; outer border of black ink ivy spray with gold trilobe leaves. Bracket borders of this ivy spray with small flowers on ff. 63 and 100v; similar band borders, triggered by 2-line initials, placed to the left of the text. Three 4-line initials (ff. 63, 98 and 100v) and 2-line initials alternate white-decorated pink or blue set against a ground of the other color, both infilled with colored trilobe leaves on gold; 1-line initials in gold infilled in blue or pink against grounds of the other color; ribbon line fillers in the same colors; initials in the text washed in yellow. Rubrics in red. Bound, s. XIX, in French green half-roan; marbled endpapers and edges, including the 65 back paper flyleaves. Written during the first half of the fifteenth century in France; obtained from Sessler by Henry E. Huntington at an unknown date. Bibliography: De Ricci, 96.
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