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BOOK OF HOURS, use of Rome
France, s. XVIin
1. ff. 1-12v: Calendar, with major feasts in blue or gold. 2. f. 13: Iudica me deus et discerne causam meam de gente…[Ps. 42]. 3. ff. 13v-91v: Hours of the Virgin, use of Rome; suffrages of All Saints from lauds to compline; short hours of the Cross and the Holy Spirit worked in; Salve Regina follows compline; f. 81v, suffrage to Anthony abbot [leaf missing between ff. 81-82 with break in text]; f. 82, Incipiunt mutationes horarum beate marie virginis secundum usum Romanum. 4. ff. 92-110: Penitential psalms and litany, including Maurice and companions, and Julianus among the martyrs; Gatianus, Maurilius and Renatus among the confessors; Genevieve and Opportuna among the virgins. 5. ff. 110-149: Office of the Dead, use of Rome. 6. ff. 149v-151: Pericope from the Gospel of John [1, 1-14] with antiphon, versicle, response and its usual prayer, Protector in te sperantium…[Perdrizet, 25]. 7. ff. 151v-159: Prayers in Latin and French as follow: Oratio ad beatam virginem mariam, Obsecro te…et michi famulo tuo N. impetres…[Leroquais, LH 2:346]; Royne des cieux glorieuse, Mere et fille de dieu precieuse…[Sonet 1793]; Les dix commandemens de la loy,…; Les cinq commandemens de saincte eglise,…[leaf missing between ff. 155-156 with loss of text]; O vos omnes qui transitis per viam, Toy qui passes par devant moy, Entens icy et soyes recors…[Sonet 2107]; Pater dimitte illis, Tres doulx pere a tous pardonne…[a continuation of the preceding, with Jesus speaking here also]; suffrage and mass of Genulph; f. 159v, ruled but blank. Parchment, ff. ii (paper) + i (parchment) + 159 + ii (paper); 233 × 150 (150 × 90) mm. 1-26 3-48 56(+2,3) 6-108 118(-6, between ff. 81-82) 12-208 + 4 leaves of uncertain structure with a missing leaf between ff. 155-156. One catchword in the script of the text survives (f. 139v); one quire-leaf signature as letter of the alphabet and an arabic numeral. 20 long lines ruled in pale red ink. Written in a late gothic book hand. Fifteen full page illustrations, in blue, black, green, gold and flesh tones, enclosed within architectural frames of painted gold: f. 13v (Matins), Annunciation; f. 30v (Lauds), Visitation; f. 41v (Matins of the Cross), Crucifixion with Mary and John; f. 43 (Matins of the Holy Spirit), Pentecost; f. 44v (Prime), Nativity; f. 50 (Terce), Annunciation to the shepherds; f. 55v (Sext) Adoration of the Magi; f. 61 (None), Presentation in the temple; f. 66v (Vespers), Flight into Egypt; f. 75 (Compline), Coronation of the Virgin; f. 92 (Penitential psalms), David, his harp on the ground, in an almost kneeling position in front of figures of War, Death and Pestilence, while an angel from above points to this vision; f. 110v (Office of the Dead), Job on the dunghill; f. 149v (Gospel), John on Patmos, with the eagle offering him his writing tools; f. 151v (Obsecro te), Virgin and Child in glory; f. 156 (Prayer of Jesus on the Cross), Crucifixion with Jesus alone. Initials, 4- to 1-line, in black ink against square painted gold grounds, with black tracery; ribbon line fillers of many patterns, but in the same black and gold colors; initials within the text washed in yellow. Rubrics in blue. Bound, s. XIXin, in English red morocco, blind and gilt stamped; gilt edges. Written in France at the beginning of the sixteenth century. The nineteenth century provenance of this manuscript is laid out on the verso of a small slip of paper, now tipped in before the first flyleaf: “This missal was bought by Mr. W. Bateman at the sale of the library of Mr. W. Gates [?] of Manchester <blank space> 1829. It then passed by exchange into the possession of Mr. Duncalf at whose death in 18—<left blank> it was purchased along with other books by Mr. James Lowe of Macclesfield from whom I bought it on the 27th of February 1851. [signed] Thomas Bateman [1821-61].” The recto of this slip of paper is inscribed by William Bateman (1787-1835), father of the above Thomas Bateman: “This Missal is the property of the Rev. John Duncalf, Incumbent of Peak Forest, and has been this day placed in my keeping on account of the dampness of his residence, Wetstone Hall, near Tideswell. [signed] Mr. Wm. Bateman, Middleton, 4 December 1834.” Bateman sale, sold by order of the Court of Chancery, Sotheby’s, 25 May 1893, lot 1367 to Quaritch. Belonged to Robert Hoe: Cat. (1909) pp. 148-49; his sale, Anderson, New York, 1912, pt. IV, n. 2367 to G. D. Smith. Precise source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown. Bibliography: De Ricci, 96.
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