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BOOK OF HOURS, use of Amiens
France, s. XV/XVI
1. ff. 1-11v: Calendar in French, missing the month of January, with major feasts in red; included are the feasts of Valeric (1 April), Honoratus (16 May, in red), “Invention saint fuscien” (27 June), Silas (13 July), Transfiguration (27 July), Firmin (1 September, in red), Firmin (25 September, in red), Richarius (9 October, in red), “L’entree de mon sieur saint fremin” (10 October), “Le Response saint fremin” (16 October), Salvius (29 October), Fuscianus (11 December, in red); f. 12r-v, ruled, but blank. 2. ff. 13-14: Les x commandemens de sainte eglise, Ung seul dieu tu adoreras Et aymeras parfaitement…[Sonet 2287]; Les v commandemens, Les dimenches messe orras et festes de commandement…[Sonet 1060]. 3. ff. 14-22v: Passion according to John, followed by the prayer, Deus qui manus tuas et pedes tuos…; f. 23r-v, ruled, but blank. 4. ff. 24-29v: Pericopes of the Gospels, that of John followed by the prayer, Protector in te sperantium…[Perdrizet, 25]. 5. ff. 29v-32v: Short hours of the Cross. 6. ff. 32v-34v: Short hours of the Holy Spirit, defective at the end. 7. ff. 35-67: Hours of the Virgin, use of Amiens; leaves missing between ff. 52-53 and 57-58 with loss of text for the end of prime and beginning of terce, and for the end of sext and beginning of none. 8. ff. 67v-80: Penitential psalms and litany, including Fuscianus, Victoricus, Gentianus, Firmin “ter,” Achius, Acheolus, Sixtus, Maurice, Denis, Lucianus, Hippolytus, Gervasius, Protasius, Marcellinus and Peter among the martyrs; Remigius, Vedast, Firmin, Honoratus, Salvius, Richarius, Berundus(?), Valeric, Jodocus and Winnoc among the confessors; Regina and Ulphia among the virgins. 9. ff. 80v-100: Office of the Dead; 3 lessons at matins. 10. ff. 100v-120: Prayers as follow: Oratio de beata maria, Obsecro te…et michi famulo tuo N. impetres…[Leroquais, LH 2:346]; Alia oratio de beata maria, O intemerata…orbis terrarum. Inclina aures…[Wilmart, 488-90]; Secundum lucam, Missus est gabriel angelus ad mariam virginem desponsatam ioseph nuntians ei verbum. Ave maria gratia plena dominus tecum. Missus est gabriel…[Wilmart, 334], followed by the prayer, Te deprecor ergo mitissimam piissimam misericordissimam…mariam…; Antiphona pro deffunctis [sic], Avete omnes anime fideles…and the prayer, Domine ihesu christe salus et liberatio…[Leroquais, LH 2:341]; O domine ihesu christe adoro te in cruce pendentem…[Leroquais, LH 2:346, here ordered 1-2, 4-6, 3, 7]; Antiphona de beata maria, Salve regina…[HE, 62-63] with versicle and prayer, Famulorum tuorum quesumus…; Antiphona de beata maria, Stabat mater…[RH 19416] with versicle and prayer, Interveniat pro nobis quesumus domine ihesu christe nunc et in hora mortis…; Orison tres devote a dieu le pere, Mon benoit dieu ie croy de coeur et confesse de bouche…[Sonet 1150]; de la face nostre seigneur, Salve sancta facies…with versicle and prayer, Deus qui nobis famulis tuis lumine vultus tui signatis…[HE, 174-75]; Pape boniface a donne a tous ceux qui diront devotement ceste orison…, Domine iesu christe qui hanc sacratissimam carnem…[Wilmart, 378, n.]; Antiphona, Ave cuius conceptio…[RH 1744] with versicle, response and prayer, Deus qui nos conceptionis nativitatis…; suffrage of John the Baptist; Ave ihesu christe verbum patris…[Wilmart, 412]; Ave principium nostre creations…[Wilmart, 23, n.] with versicle and prayer, Suscipe clementissime deus preces nostras…; Orison devote a le vierge marie, O Maria piissima stella clarissima…expers paris feminarum me peccatricem…; suffrage of Nicholas; f. 120v, ruled, but blank. Parchment, ff. i (parchment) + 120 + i (parchment); 190 × 132 (115 × 83) mm. 16(-1) 26 38 44(through f. 23) 58 68(-4, before f. 35) 78 88(-7, before f. 53) 98(-5, before f. 58) 10-168 174. Some evidence of signatures on ff. 12-14 (?). 16 long lines, ruled in brown-black ink; some pricking visible in the outer margin. Written in a bâtarde script. Sixteen miniatures of mechanical execution remain, usually enclosed by square painted gold strips; outer border around the text and miniature of white and colored acanthus leaves, and various flowers on a thin wash of gold. The miniatures are: f. 14 (Passion according to John), Betrayal in the garden, with Judas kissing Jesus, who holds Malchus’ ear in his right hand; the miniature, of 12-line height, is placed between 2 lines of text above and below; f. 24 (Gospel according to John), full page illumination of John on Patmos, viewed through pink and green marble columns, with the border reduced to a narrow strip; f. 25v (Luke), 10-line, placed below the text, the evangelist viewed through the pink and green marble columns, with a geometric outer border; f. 27 (Matthew), 12-line, placed between 2 lines of text top and bottom, showing Mark [sic] and his lion between the 2 columns; f. 28v (Mark), 10-line, with 2 lines of text above and 4 lines below, showing Matthew [sic] with his angel through the 2 columns; f. 29v (Hours of the Cross), 14-line, below the text, Jesus putting on his tunic after the flagellation; geometric border; f. 32v (Hours of the Holy Spirit), 9-line, below the text, enclosed by a gold strip frame, Pentecost; miniature missing before f. 35 for matins of the hours of the Virgin; f. 42 (Lauds), above 3 lines of text in an arched compartment, Visitation with 2 angels behind Mary; f. 49v (Prime), above 3 lines of text in an arched compartment, Nativity; miniature missing before f. 53 for terce; f. 55v (Sext), above 3 lines of text in an arched compartment, Adoration of the Magi; miniature missing before f. 58 for none; f. 59v (Vespers), above 3 lines of text in an arched compartment, Flight into Egypt with an angel accompanying the Holy Family; f. 64 (Compline), 12-line, between 2 lines of text top and bottom, seen through columns, Coronation of the Virgin by an angel while God the Father blesses; f. 67v (Penitential psalms), full page, seen through the columns, floral border reduced to a narrow strip, David on his knees before Nathan with God the Father in a gold-rayed circle in the sky; f. 80v (Office of the Dead), full page miniature set between columns, with a narrow floral strip border, Job on the dunghill and his friends; f. 110v (O domine ihesu christe adoro te in cruce pendentem), 10-line, between 2 lines of text above and 4 lines below, the Crucifixion with Mary and John on either side; f. 115 (Salve sancta facies), 6-line and half of the width of the written space, Veronica. Full borders, divided into compartments on ff. 13 (Ung seul dieu), 26 (Luke), 30 (Hours of the Cross), 33 (Hours of the Holy Spirit), 35 (Hours of the Virgin; in painted gold), 68 (Penitential psalms) and 81 (Office of the Dead; in painted gold); bracket border on f. 24v (Gospel of John). 4-, 3- and 2-line initials as shaded ribbons or white branches against painted gold grounds infilled with naturalistic flowers; 1-line initials in painted gold on alternating blue or brown-red square grounds; ribbon line fillers in the same colors; initials within the text touched in yellow; rubrics in brownish-red. Bound, s. XIXex, in Spanish stamped calf. Written at the turn of the fifteenth century in France for use in Amiens. From the collection of Ricardo Heredia y Livermore, Count of Benahavis, whose book label in bright colors with the monogram R. H. is on the front pastedown; according to a note in Spanish on f. i, Heredia believed the book to have come from the library of the Marques of Isasi; Heredia sale, Paris, 22 May 1891, pt. I, n. 85 to Tumin. Source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown. Bibliography: De Ricci, 101.
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