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HM 1175

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BOOK OF HOURS, modern fragments s. XIX, from s. XVI originals
Nine single leaves, tipped in, with illuminations copied from the Stuart de Rothesay Hours (London, Brit. Lib. Add. 20927), here bound incorrectly, as follows:
Add. 20927   HM 1775
13v Annunciation 8v
14 rubric for the Hours of the Virgin 7
91v David penitent 9
92 rubric for the Penitential psalms 1
119v Jesus before Mary and Martha 2v
120 rubric for the Office of the Dead 5
165v Crucifixion 6v
166 rubric for the Hours of the Cross 4
172 the Archangel Raphael guiding a very young Tobias to Media 3

Parchment, ff. iii (paper, with the watermark: “Crane and Co. Dalton Mass. 1893 Bond no25”) + 9 folios (misbound, as above, and interleaved with paper bearing the same watermark) + xxiv (paper with the same watermark); 155 × 120 (illuminated space: 127 × 95) mm. Bound, s. XIX, in burgundy velvet with beige silk endpapers; 2 silver-gilt fore edge clasps; gilt edges; similar binding on HM 1153 and HM 1161. The original illuminations were executed by Giulio Clovio (ca. 1540) in a book of hours for Cardinal Marino Grimani, whose coat of arms appears on the opening leaf of the Hours of the Virgin (Rietstap, vol. 3, pl. 96, but in HM 1175 lacking the cross). These copies were done by Caleb W. Wing1 for John Boykett Jarman (d. 1864) as identified by J. Backhouse, “A Victorian Connoisseur and his manuscripts. The Tale of Mr. Jarman and Mr. Wing,” British Museum Quarterly 32 (1967-68) 76-92 with a reproduction of HM 1175, f. 9 on pl. XXVI. John Boykett Jarman sale, Sotheby’s, 13 June 1864, lot 77, where the coat of arms is said to be on pl. 2 (it is now on f. 7). Belonged to Robert Hoe, who may have had it (? re-)bound in its present order, given the date and the American manufacture of the interleaved and filler pages; Cat. (1909) p. 193; his sale, Anderson, New York, 1912, pt. IV, n. 2365 to G. D. Smith. Precise source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown. Bibliography: De Ricci, 103.
1 The corrected form of the name was kindly communicated to us by Janet Backhouse.

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