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HM 121

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England, 1557
ff. 1-24v: [Frontispiece:] A Mirroure of myserie, newly complied and sett forthe by Myles Huggarde seruaunte to ye quenes moste excellente maiestie, Anno Domini M.D.lvii. [f. lv, blank; f. 2, Dedication:] To the most excellente and vertuouse ladie, and oure moste gratiouse souereigne, Mary…[f. 3v, signed:] Youre highnes Pore humble servaunte Myles Huggard. [f. 4, Prologue:] Wheare welth dothe want & woo encrease/ Man may that wante bewale…[f. 6, Text:] Beinge in studie of the worldes estate/ weyinge the workes of euery wyghte…And by lernynge with fauore the same to correcte/ For my will is goode, thoughe my witte I suspecte. Finis. [ff. 25-26v, blank]
Mirroure of Myserie by Miles Hogarde.
Parchment, ff. iii (modern parchment) + 26 + iii (modern parchment); 170 × 135 (114 × 60) mm. 14(-1) 26 3-44 56 64(-4). Prologue in 3 4-line stanzas per page; text and dedication in 3 7-line stanzas per page; ruled in lead. Written in a late textura script; biblical citations in the margins in a humanistic script. Pen and ink frontispiece of a crowned lion and a dragon supporting the arms of England and France quarterly, with a full foliage border of fleur-de-lis (France) and Tudor roses (England, i.e. Mary) in the outer margin, and pomegranates (Granada, i.e. Philip) and gillyflowers (?) in the inner border; the pomegranate and rose, impaled, hang as a pendant from the upper border, and a daisy grows straight up from the middle of the lower border; at the feet of the 2 heraldic animals, the initials R. T. On f. 6, pen and ink drawing, 60 × 95 mm., of 2 people on a hill overlooking a town labelled “Sodom and Gomorrha.” Large calligraphic strapwork or foliage initials on ff. 2, 4 and 6. Bound by F. Bedford in brown russia, gold tooled; gilt edges. Written in England. The text is intended as a New Year’s gift to Queen Mary (f. 2v, “As a token that the new yeare doth begyn/ I presente to your grace…”); HM 121 could possibly be the presentation copy; no other copy, printed or manuscript, is known to exist. De Ricci, referring to the initials R. T. on the frontispiece, has suggested that HM 121 might be a transcript of an edition printed by Richard Tottell; however, there seems to be no evidence to support this. The manuscript is dated 1557, possibly Old Style; in that case, it may not be the book listed among the “New Year’s Gifts presented to Queen Mary in 1556” [which is certainly Old Style, as the subtitle refers to 3 and 4 Philip and Mary] in Illustrations of the Manners and Expences of Antient Times in England… (printed by and for John Nichols, London 1797) p. 13: “By Myles Huggard, a book written. With the Quene her Maiestie”; her return gift, op. cit., p. 24: “To Myles Huggard, oone guilte salte, Raynes per oz., 5 oz. di.”1 In the dedication, Hogarde admits to a yearly tradition, “To presente youre grace, then thus baselie/ With suche a rude booke every yeare…” On f. 26, an inscription, s. XVI: “Thi mother naturall and loueynge to her little power [?] Elyzabethe Rychers wissethe to the my dowghter Ceselia all helthe and perfitt felisite.” Belonged to Major Thomas Pearson (1740?-81); his sale, 14 April 1788, lot 2162 to Lord Charlemont. The Charlemont sale was to have taken place 10 July 1865 (this manuscript as lot 1073), but a large portion of the collection burned in the fire at Sotheby’s on 28 June; some of the surviving books were sold on 11 August 1865, including this one, as lot 221 to Toovey. Belonged to the Rev. Thomas Corser (1793-1876); his sale, Sotheby’s, 6 August 1869, pt. III, lot 542 to Ellis. Sold in 1869 by Hazlitt to Henry Huth (1815-78); see The Huth Library 2:745; Alfred H. Huth (1850-1910) sale, Sotheby’s, 2 June 1913, pt. III, lot 3894 to Quaritch. Source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown. Bibliography: DNB, s.v. Huggarde p. 158. De Ricci, 52.
1 We thank Dr. William A. Ringler for these references.

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