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HM 124

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England, s. XVmed
1. ff. 1-74v: [Speculum Christiani; prologue:] Ieronimus, In principio cuiuslibet operis premitte oracionem dominicam et signum crucis in fronte +. In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti. Amen. Magna differencia est inter predicacionem et doctrinam…[f. 3, Chapter list:] Octo Tabule, Prima tabula tractat de fide catholica et de articulis fidei…[f. 4, Text:] De fide catholica dicitur in simbolo athanasii. Quicumque vult salvus esse…[f. 6, first English passage:] In heuen schall dwelle all cristyn men/ That knowe and kepe godis byddynges tenGregorius, Nullum sacrificium ita placet deo sicut zelus animarum. Explicit Speculum Christiani.
IMEV 1491, 4150, 2233.5, 2167, 1342 and 2119 with folio numbers decreased by 3 because of re-foliation. G. Holmstedt, ed., Speculum Christiani, EETS os 182 (London 1933), sometimes attributed to Thomas Watton (or Wotton).
2. ff. 74v-75v: Si aliquos moveritis contra deum et iusticiam manifeste delinquere et tam magni tiranni fuerunt…Thobias 3o, Omnia consilia tua in ipso permaneant. Amen.
A series of short passages quoting from Chrysostom, Augustine and the Bible, also found immediately following the Speculum Christiani in, e.g., London, Brit. Lib. Add. 10052 and Add. 21202. A transcription of this and the following text in V. Gillespie, “The literary form of the Middle English Pastoral Manual with particular reference to the Speculum Christiani and some related texts,” unpublished D. Phil. thesis (Oxford 1981).
3. ff. 75v-76: De tribus vocibus mundi, Prima vox dicit Accipe, Secunda dicit redde, Tercia dicit Fuge…fugit impius quoniam ita est in securitate impius pavidus sicut iustus in supplicio securus et cetera. [ff. 76v-77v, ruled, but blank]
Hugh of St. Victor (?); also found immediately after the present arts. 1 and 2 in, e.g., London, Brit. Lib. Add. 10052 and Add. 21202.
4. f. 78: [added in a mixed hand on an otherwise blank, but ruled, leaf, s. XVex] Water Imperiall, A precious water of all odyre waters…for all maner of poysoun or pestelense…[f. 78v, blank]
Parchment, ff. iii (parchment) + 78 + iii (parchment); 170 × 117 (110 × 75) mm. 1-98 106. Catchwords, some in brown or red ink frames; quire and leaf signatures in letter and roman numerals (but arabics on ff. 2, 3). 21 long lines, ruled in lead with top and bottom 2 lines full across; pricking visible in the 3 outer margins. Written in an anglicana formata script by the same hand as London, Brit. Lib. Add. 10052 and Add. 21202, also copies of the Speculum Christiani, and textually related to HM 124. Opening initial, f. 1, 10-line letter I, in gold on green and pink cusped ground with sprays of colored kidney leaves, green tendrils and gold motifs (damaged). 3- and 2-line initials in blue with red flourishing; alternating red and blue paragraph marks; red and blue jigsaw line fillers; rhyme brackets in red; ladders on f. 45v for the ascent to Heaven or descent to Hell in red and in ink of the text; sources of citations underscored in red; nota bene in the hand of the scribe in side margins with blue paragraph sign and underlined in red; rubrics throughout. Corrections noted in ink in the margin and partly erased have been incorporated into the text by the scribe (e.g. ff. 21v, 28, 31). Miscellaneous pen trials in one hand: f. 26v, “ego <?> John”; f. 27, “Ihesus, Ihesus <?>”; f. 76v, “Ego sum bonus puer quem deus amat” and “I am a goode chyld which that god loves”; f. 77, “Ihesu be my spede evyr att my nede. Amen” (twice); f. 78v, <?>ehbel.” In the same hand as art. 4, on f. 32v, “roude” [?]. Bound, s. XV, in leather dyed pink over bevelled oak boards; sewn on 4 bands; remains of a fore edge clasp closing to pin on back cover; top edge in red; rebacked. Written in England in the middle of the fifteenth century by a scribe who produced 2 other known copies of this text. Ownership notes in the volume: ff. 33 and 68, s. XVI, “Willelmus”; ff. ii and 1, s. XVII-XVIII, “Sa. Rooper”; f. i, s. XVIII, “JGL.” Erasure of possession note on f. iii verso. Sotheby’s, 11 June 1923, lot 89A to Barnard. Acquired by Henry E. Huntington, ca. 1924, evidently from Maggs, as a typed description impressed with their seal accompanies the manuscript.
Secundo folio: [f. 2, Prologue:] ignorabo eos; [f. 5, Text:] inter virum
Bibliography: De Ricci, 53.
De Ricci
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