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HM 126

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England, s. XIVex
ff. 1-135: Engelond is swithe good I wene hit is lond beste/ In oon ende hit is yset: of þe world al in þe west…[f. 127v, lines 21-22:] And a slawe biȝond þe see ar king henre dede were/ So þat of þe kynne þer was no fere. [f. 127v, lines 23-24:] þo come Stephen þe bleys myd strengþe & quointyse/ And said he wold be king in al kynnes wise…þat of þe walische londe clanlich al out/ He wan þe seignorye nere hi no so prout. [ff. 135v-136v, ruled, but blank]
IMEV 727. W. A. Wright, ed., The Metrical Chronicle of Robert of Gloucester. RS 86 (London 1887); HM 126 of the later recension; ff. 127v-135 correspond to Wright’s Appendix XX, pp. 838-77.
Parchment, ff. i (early modern paper) + 136 + iii (contemporary parchment) + i (early modern paper); 271 × 182 (203 × 120) mm. 1-178 184(-3; flyleaves). Catchwords in frames; quire and leaf signatures in letters and roman numerals. 40 lines of verse, ruled in lead with double lines on the left margin for the versals. Written in an anglicana script. Opening initial, f. 1, 7-line, pink/blue infilled with vines and leaves on a gold ground from which extends a C-shaped bar and foliage border in gold, blue and pink. On ff. 21v and 52v, 5- and 6-line respectively, parted red and blue initials with void leaf infilling and flourished extensions. 3- to 2-line blue initials with red flourishing. Versals, some in red or blue, set slightly to the left of the written space. Marginal notes in 2 later hands, one of the fifteenth century, the other of the end of the fifteenth or early sixteenth century. Bound, s. XVIIex, in English brown sprinkled calf, gold tooled with the Essex monogram and coronet on the front cover; red edges; rebacked in 1974. Written in England at the end of the fourteenth century. Possession notes: f. 136, birth notices of members of the Wombwell family, 1550-1621; back flyleaf i, s. XVI, “Your Loueing Harlow of Rochester” and “Edward Harlowe”; the same person added on back flyleaf iii, “By your Loueing and assured Edward harlowe Anno domini 1576”; also on back flyleaf i, s. XVI, “Thomas Anderson” and “Thomas Bannester”; back flyleaf ii, s. XVI, “Allaxander Gatton Genttellman dede borro this bok of Mr. John Cellsonne alldermane of the Sette of Rochester 1573.” Pasted to the front flyleaf i verso, a note on the text of HM 126, signed “H.P.“ and dated from Stockwell, 1 December 1816. Belonged to the Earls of Essex; Essex bookplate dated 1701, as reported by De Ricci, no longer present; sale of Algernon Capell (1884-1966), 8th Earl of Essex by Hodgson, 30 November 1922, lot 1; Frank Marcham Cat. 44 (1924) n. 56 with plates of ff. 1 and 12v. Source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown.
Secundo folio: Of london.
Bibliography: T. D. Hardy, Descriptive Catalogue of Materials relating to the History of Great Britain and Ireland. RS 26 (London 1871) 3:187. De Ricci, 53.
De Ricci
S. De Ricci, with the assistance of W. H. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (New York 1935-37; index 1940)
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