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HM 1265

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BOOK OF HOURS, use of Châlons-sur-Marne
France, s. XVIin
1. f. i r-v [added, s. XVI]: [M]issus est angelus gabriel ad mariam virginem desponsatam Joseph nuncians ei verbum Ave maria gratia plena dominus tecum, Missus est gabriel…[responsorial prayer; Wilmart, 334 and Leroquais, LH 1:95]. 2. ff. 1-6v: Calendar in French with importance of feasts indicated by blue or red ink, then that of the text; included are the feasts of Alpinus (2 May, in blue), Memmius (5 August, in red), Alpinus (7 September), Maurilius (13 September), “la dedicasse saint estienne” (26 October, in blue). 3. ff. 7-8v, 10-11: Pericopes of the Gospels; f. 11r-v, continuation of the responsorial prayer from f. i verso. 4. ff. 13-14v: Obsecro te…Et michi famulo tuo impetres…et pacienciam michi tribuat// [Leroquais, LH 2:346, ending defectively]. 5. Hours of the Virgin, apparently use of Châlons-sur-Marne (the antiphons at prime and none are Quando natus and Ecce maria genuit; the capitula for both are missing). The book lacks leaves and is misbound, particularly in this section of the text, and should be read as follows: matins: 40, 39, 41-43, 23, 12; lauds: 20-22, 27, 15, one leaf missing, 30; prime: 25-26, 34, one leaf missing; terce: 9, 16, one leaf missing; sext: one leaf missing, 19, one leaf missing; none: 35-36, one leaf missing; vespers: 37-38, one leaf missing; 24; compline: two leaves missing, 29. 6. ff. 44-54v: Penitential psalms and litany, including Memmius, Donatianus, Domicianus, Alpinus, Elaphius and Leodomir among the confessors; Poma among the virgins; one leaf missing between ff. 48-49, containing Ps. 101, 5-24; f. 54r-v, prayer added, s. XVI, in the same hand as on f. i r-v: [M]ediatrix…, [A]uxiliatrix…, [R]eparatrix… 7. ff. 31-32, 17-18, 33, 28, 55-71v: Office of the Dead, use of Châlons-sur-Marne. 8. ff. 72-77v: Prayers as follow: Stabat mater dolorosa…[RH 19416]; Oroison devote a la glorieuse vierge marie, O Tres certaine esperance deffenderesse et dame…[Sonet 1538]; Pape Innocent donna C Jours de pardon…, Ie te prie tres doulce vierge marie, Mere de dieu plainne de pitie…a moy qui suis ta familiere…[Obsecro te; Sonet 846]; f. 77r-v, completion of prayer from f. 54v: [I]lluminatrix…, [A]lleluiatrix… Parchment, ff. i + 77; 168 × 125 (111 × 73) mm. 16 26(-4) 3-54 66 76(-5, after f. 33) 86(-4, after f. 37; -6, after f. 38) 96(-5, after f. 42) 106(-6, after f. 48) 11-146 154(+5, f. 77). Catchwords (ff. 15v and 23v) in bâtarde script written vertically along the inner bounding line. 20 long lines, ruled in brown ink. Written in a gothic script in two sizes. Eight large miniatures, above 5 lines of text, in arched compartments, with flesh of figures in a greenish tinge; outer border of multicolored acanthus leaves and black ivy spray vines with gold foliage. The miniatures are: f. 40 (Matins of the Hours of the Virgin), Betrayal of Jesus who is being pulled away by a soldier, while Peter sheathes his sword and Malchus kneels beside his lantern; f. 20 (Lauds), Flagellation; f. 25 (Prime), Mocking of Christ by a man to Christ’s left who is pulling his mouth into a grimace with his hands; 2 other men, one with his back to Christ’s back, press down on the Crown of Thorns; f. 9 (Terce), Christ before Pilate, whose throne is placed outdoors; illumination missing for sext; f. 35 (None), Crucifixion with Mary and John on either side; f. 37 (Vespers), Deposition from the Cross; illumination missing for compline; f. 44 (Penitential psalms), David, in a lavender cut-away church, prays to God the Father who appears in a dark blue opening in the sky; f. 31 (Office of the Dead), Burial scene in a churchyard with an old man standing in the grave and holding the shrouded corpse, while 2 priests and 2 mourners watch. 5-line initials in white-patterned blue or pink on a ground of the other color with infilling of colored trilobe leaves set against a gold ground, and a gold bar forming an outer frame to the initial; 2-line initials in burnished gold with blue infilling and pink ground, or vice versa; 1-line initials alternate plain red and blue; jigsaw line fillers of both colors in the litany. Rubrics in red or, rarely, in blue (f. 19v). Pen trials on ff. 77v and on the facing pastedown (see below). Bound in very worn blue velvet with 4 holes (for ties?) in the center and edge of both covers. Written in the early sixteenth century in France, apparently destined for use in the area of Châlons-sur-Marne; the feminine form in the prayer on f. 76 suggests that the first owner was a woman. A note on the back pastedown identifies a sixteenth century owner as Margueritte Morelz. Date and source of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown. Bibliography: De Ricci, 105.
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