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HM 130

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England, s. XIV/XV
ff. 1-120v: [Prick of Conscience, beginning defectively in the prologue, v. 77:] // Euer to knowe boþ gode and ille/ And þerto ȝaf him witt and wille…[f. 4v:] Here bigynnet þe ferst part of þis boke þat speket of mannes wrecchedenes Prima pars, Ferst when god made al þing of nouȝt/ Man of þe foulest mater was wrouȝt…[f. 11v:] Here bighynnet þe secunde part of þis boke þat speket of þe world iia pars, Al þis worlde here boþe longe and brode/ God hit made for mannes gode…[f. 21v:] Here bigynnet þe þrid part of þis boke þat speket of deþ iiia pars, Deth ys þe most dredful þing þat is/ In al þe worlde as þe boke witnesset þis…[f. 33v:] Here bigynnet þe ferþ part of þis boke þat speket of purgatorie iiiia pars, Menye men speket as þei in boke redet/ Of þe peynes of purgatorie but fewe hit dredet…[f. 52:] Heere bighynnet þe vifte part of þis boke þat tellet of þe tokenes þat shullet come bifore þe dome va pars, In þis part me may ten þinges rede/ þat touchet þe gret day of drede…[f. 90:] Heere bighynnet þe sixte part of þis book þat speket of þe peynes of helle via pars, Menye a man carpet and speket of helle/ But þe peynes þerof fewe conne telle…[f. 100v:] Here bighynnet þe seuenþ part of þis boke þat speket openliche of þe ioyes of heuene viia pars, Menye men couetteþ þe blis of heuene/ But fewe þe riȝt wey þider drawet euene…Vnto þat same ioye he vs bringe/ þat for oure loue makede al þinge. Amen par charite.
IMEV 3428 (listing HM 130), but actually IMEV 3429; Southern Recension; corrected throughout by a second hand, over erasures, from a text of a different tradition. R. Morris, ed., The Pricke of Conscience. The Philological Society (Berlin 1863), from London, Brit. Lib., Cotton Galba E.ix. See R. E. Lewis and A. McIntosh, A Descriptive Guide to the Manuscripts of the ‘Prick of Conscience.’ Medium Aevum Monographs n.s. 12 (Oxford 1982) 147-48. HM 130 bears printer’s marks first identified by H. C. Schulz, “Manuscript printer’s copy for a lost early English book,” The Library, 4th ser. (1941) 22:138-44. One of the printed books set from HM 130 was identified independently by A. I. Doyle and W. A. Ringler: pts. 1-3 of the Prick of Conscience constitute NSTC 24228, A New Treatyse, attributed to Miles Hogarde, printed by R. Wyer [1542?]. Doyle had previously recognized pt. 4 of the Prick of Conscience as STC 3360, A little book of Purgatory, printed by R. Wyer, dated “1550?” by STC but revised by K. Pantzer to “before Whitsun 1534” (the unique copy of this book is Huntington Library RB 17065). See H. C. Schulz, “A Middle English Manuscript Used as Printer’s Copy,” HLQ 29 (1966) 325-36, with a plate of f. 37v.
Parchment, ff. 120; 235 × 160 (160-185 × 90-98) mm. 18(-1) 2-48 510 6-148 158(8 blank, now as pastedown). Catchwords, each with a red paragraph mark and many enclosed in a red or brown ink frame; quire and leaf signatures of letters and roman numerals through the first 5 quires. 28-35 lines of verse, ruled in lead; pricking visible on inner and outer margins of many leaves. Written in an anglicana formata script, with corrections in another hand. 4- to 2-line initials in red, without ornamentation; rubrics and Latin quotations in red. On f. 120v: an erasure, “explicit <?>,” in the original hand; “Unto þat same ioye he//”; “Memorandum God and houre lady that best may sawe al marchaunts by nyght and be day and be ther sped amen quod Willme Smart” (see Hanna, “Addenda,” n. 13); “Memorandum dum sumus in mondo [sic] vivamus corde Iocondum [sic]. Da bona cum tua sunt poste [sic] mortem Tunc tua non sunt, Smart.” Early sixteenth century compositor’s marks on ff. 1-52; modern pagination in pencil, 1-239, on rectos only. Bound, s. XV, in leather over bevelled oak boards with the remains of a chemise of whittawed leather with flaps at top and fore edge; strap to missing pin on back cover. Written in England at the turn of the fourteenth century. On f. 120v, “Iste liber partinet [sic] Willelmo Smart. Smart groser,” with merchant’s mark; William Smart became a freeman of the Company of Grocers of London in 1495 and warden of the Company in 1509. The manuscript was, at least temporarily during the 1530’s, in hands of the printer, Robert Wyer. Acquired in 1772 by William Herbert (1718-95), as shown by his signature and date on f. 1 (the original first leaf was already missing); on the inside front cover, possibly in Herbert’s hand, “T.t.n.” and “D. 723.” On a label on the spine, the number “741/3.” Belonged to Sir Gregory O. Page-Turner of Battlesden; his sale, 19 October 1824, part of lot 2717 to Sir Thomas Phillipps. Phillipps MS 3126, with the Middle Hill stamp and shelfmark “B.44.953” (in modern pencil) on the inside front cover. Also in modern pencil, “3244” on inside front cover and “240” on f. 120v. Acquired by Henry E. Huntington through A. S. W. Rosenbach in 1923.
Secundo folio: [f. 1] Euer to knowe
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see STC
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