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HM 162

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England, s. XVIex
ff. 1-180: //To maike so great thoughe vndeserued judgmente of me. And even so…may awake some other spirit, to exercise his penn in that, wherwith myne ys already dulled. Finis. The Last booke or Acte. [f. 180v, blank]
J. Robertson, ed., Sir Philip Sidney, The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia (The Old Arcadia) (Oxford 1973) 14-417, here lacking the first 6 leaves; HM 162 mentioned by Robertson, p. xliv, and cited in the critical apparatus as As. See also B. Dobell, “Sidney’s Arcadia” in the Athenaeum, 7 September 1907, p. 272, where this manuscript is first identified as the Old Arcadia. B. Dobell, “New Light upon Sir Philip Sidney’s Arcadia,” Quarterly Review 211 (1909) 74-100, esp. p. 80. R. W. Zandvoort, Sidney’s Arcadia: A Comparison between the Two Versions (Amsterdam 1929), this manuscript described on p. 13, with a plate of f. 122 as frontispiece. W. A. Ringler, Jr., “Master Drant’s Rules,” Philological Quarterly 29 (1950) 70-74 (call number given erroneously as HM 116). W. A. Ringler, Jr., ed., The Poems of Sir Philip Sidney (Oxford 1962), this manuscript with details of the text described on p. 528.
Paper (at least 2 types of Pot, similar to Briquet 12746, Holland 1556 and Briquet 12671, Neuburg 1555, and a coat of arms similar to Heawood 445, Venice 1598), ff. i (contemporary paper) + 180 + i (contemporary paper); 302 × 205 (235-250 × 140-149) mm. Apparently in bifolia or in single leaves. Catchwords in the lower right corner of the text on the recto and verso of each leaf. 37-45 long lines; very faint vertical bounding lines, perhaps by folding. Written in secretary scripts in possibly as many as 5 hands: i, ff. 1-28v; ii, ff. 29-94, 111-180; iii, ff. 95-109 line 17; iv, f. 109, 27 lines; v, ff. 109 end of page -110v. Contemporary foliation, skipping the numbers 51-52 and 119 (no loss of text) and showing the lack of the first 6 leaves, 7-189; refoliated in 1981, 1-180. Some damage especially to the edges; partially repaired. Bound, s. XVII, in limp parchment with 2 leather fore edge ties; title lettered in gold on red and green morocco labels on the spine. Written in England towards the end of the sixteenth century, ca. 1580. On f. 78v (formerly f. 86v), an otherwise blank leaf, the name Robert Walker; a man of this name was treasurer to Sir Henry Sidney, 1575-ca. 1581 and appears in the Sidney family records until 1583. Possibly to be identified with lot 259 in the sale of Thomas Martin of Palgrave, by Baker and Leigh, London, 18 May 1774. Belonged to the Earl of Ashburnham (1797-1878); in his “Appendix,” n. CCXLVIII; that number in arabic numerals on the characteristic circular yellow label on the spine. The “Appendix” was sold privately to Henry Yates Thompson (1838-1928) in May 1897; he retained only select manuscripts and sold the rest; this manuscript, Sotheby’s, 1 May 1899, lot 16 to Tregaskis. Belonged to C. W. Dyson Perrins (1864-1958); his sale, Sotheby’s, 17 June 1907, lot 415 to Dobell; sold by Dobell to >Dodd, Mead and Co. of New York. Acquired by William Augustus White (1843-1927) of Brooklyn, N.Y.; in the Hand-List of Early English Books…collected by W. A. White… from card catalogue made by Miss Henrietta C. Bartlett [New York 1914] p. 51. Precise source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown. Bibliography: The English Novel, n. 7. De Ricci, 60. Beal, SiP 99.
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