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England, s. XVI/XVII
ff. 1-123v: [title added in upper margin in a later hand:] Life of Cardinal Wolsey by his Gentleman Usher Sir W[illiam] Cavendish. //Of whom I might for my boldnes sooner haue kindled a great flame of displeasures, then to quenche one sparke of their vntrue reportes…[f. 36v:] whoe had borrowed by chaunce of a French gentleman a very fyne & sharpe bores speare// [f. 37r-v, blank; f. 38:] //sedicious vntrueth openly devulged & sett forth by any subtill & traiterous subiect of their Realme…The wise man saith that peradventure another whome he hated in his life shall spend yt out & consume yt. Finis. [ff. 124-126v, blank]
R. S. Sylvester, ed., The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey by George Cavendish. EETS os 243 (London 1959), here beginning defectively (p. 4 line 12) and omitting, as do all secondary manuscripts, the passage on the boar hunt in France and on the ‘book’ published there against the Cardinal (p. 61 line 20-p. 62 line 30); this manuscript described by Sylvester, p. 287. See also S. W. Singer, ed., Life of Cardinal Wolsey by George Cavendish (London 1825) vol. 1, p. xv, note, describing this manuscript, at the time in his possession; pencil notes, f. 36v, said to be in Singer’s hand.
Paper (watermarks of a pot and of a scroll-shield emblazoned with a shepherd’s crook and a powder horn; neither watermark in Briquet or in Heawood), ff. iii (contemporary paper) + 126; 281 × 178 (220 × 109) mm. 112(complete, even though text begins defectively) 2-1012 116. Catchwords in the right lower margin of the recto and verso of each leaf. Written in a secretary script. Finding notes in the margins in the hand of the scribe. Bound, s. XVII, in English brown calf over pasteboard, with the name “Henrie Farleigh” stamped in gold on both covers. Written in England at the turn of the sixteenth century. The first owner may have been Henry Farley, whose name is stamped on the covers, possibly to be identified with the Henry Farley listed in the British Library catalogue of printed books with 3 titles pertaining to St. Paul’s, 1616-22; see W. Dugdale, The History of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London (London 1658) p. 134 for a reference to Henry Farley engaged in raising funds to repair the church. Owned by Bernard Howard, 12th Duke of Norfolk (1765-1842), and sold by him as a duplicate to Samuel Weller Singer (1783-1858) before 1825. Thorpe Cat. (1836) n. 201 to Sir Thomas Phillipps; his MS 9796. Phillipps sale, Sotheby’s, 6 June 1898, lot 1145 to Baker. In A Catalogue of Shakespeareana (London 1899) 1:73-74 n. 147, a collection formed by the London bookseller J. Pearson; the collection sold in 1906 to Marsden J. Perry (1850-1935) of Providence, Rhode Island. Sold by Perry to A. S. W. Rosenbach in 1919. Precise source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown. Bibliography: De Ricci, 62.
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