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Livorno, 1677
Atlas of the Mediterranean area containing 6 nautical charts: 1. Western Mediterranean including Spain, Portugal, and northwest Africa 2. Central Mediterranean including Italy and north African coast 3. Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Sea 4. Sicily 5. Sardinia 6. Corsica Parchment, ff. 7 (6 sheets folded in center and pasted back to back and to front and back paper flyleaves); 541 × 360 mm. (map size, 520 × 696 mm. on double page openings). Bifolia attached sequentially. Borders are 2 sets of double ruled black lines. Black and red ink for nomenclature in a minuscule script with area names in display script; land masses outlined in color, islands painted gold, blue, red or green; charts 1, 2 and 3 have from 15 to 17 elaborate compass roses with the usual 32 rhumb line network in black, red and green ink for the principal directions while charts 4, 5 and 6 have only 1 compass rose placed to one side of each chart and the 32 rhumb lines radiate from only one central point; latitude scale on chart 1 only, no longitude; 2 to 4 numbered scales of distance on each chart; highly decorated with drawings of animals, ships, sea beasts, vignettes of cities with banners, mountains, rivers, and cartouches framing the distance scales. Bound, s. XVII, in Italian brown paper boards with geometric designs in black ink on front and back, remains of ties at top, bottom, and fore edge. Inscribed and dated by the cartographer in Livorno (Leghorn), Italy on chart 3. Black circular stamp “MN” of the Niccolini Collection in Florence on front flyleaf. Sold ca. 1825 by John Cochran to Sir Thomas Phillipps whose n. 3020 and Middle Hill stamp are on the frontispiece. Obtained privately through A. S. W. Rosenbach by Henry E. Huntington in 1924. Bibliography: De Ricci, 43.
De Ricci
S. De Ricci, with the assistance of W. H. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (New York 1935-37; index 1940)

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