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Macao (?), ca. 1630
World atlas containing 18 nautical charts: 1. ff. 25v-26: Black Sea, Anatolia 2. ff. 28v-29: Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf 3. ff. 31v-32: Southern South America 4. ff. 34v-35: Northwest South America, Central America, and West Indies 5. ff. 37v-38: East coast of South America 6. ff. 40v-41: East coast of North America and West Indies 7. ff. 43v-44: North coast of South America, east coast of North America and West Indies 8. ff. 46v-47: Mediterranean and eastern Europe 9. ff. 49v-50: Northern Atlantic Ocean, European coast, Greenland, Iceland 10. ff. 52v-53: Northwest Africa, Mediterranean area, southern Europe 11. ff. 55v-56: South Atlantic Ocean, southern Africa 12. ff. 58v-59: Southern Africa and southwest Indian Ocean 13. ff. 61v-62: Arabia, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf 14. ff. 64v-65: Northern Indian Ocean, India 15. ff. 67v-68: Southern portion of east coast of Asia, part of East Indies 16. ff. 70v-71: Northern portion of east coast of Asia, part of East Indies 17. ff. 73v-74: Western coast of United States and Mexico 18. ff. 76v-77: Southern portion of west coast of Mexico and Central America 19. Laid in: Unrelated black ink map of Mexico City and environs, made after 1652, 313 × 430 mm., in Spanish Native paper, ff. 181; the charts are drawn across openings on ff. 25v-77 with folios left blank between charts; ff. 86v-113 have black rhumb lines drawn on alternate openings in preparation for making charts, but these prepared pages have been glued together so only the blank sides show; 355 × 270 mm. (map size, 340 × 525 mm. across double page openings). 18(blank leaves) 210(blank leaves) 310(ff. 19-25 blank) 410 510 610 710 (ff. 79-80 and remaining leaves, blank). Single ruled black borders. Black and red ink for nomenclature in a minuscule script with area names in display scripts; land masses outlined in color, with islands painted blue, green, red, or gold; one compass rose on each chart (except ff. 55v-56, which has none) with usual 32 rhumb line network in black, red, and green ink for the principal directions; a numbered latitude scale on each chart with oblique meridians also on ff. 40v-41 and 49v-50, no longitude; each chart has an unnumbered scale of distance in an elaborate cartouche; highly decorated in colors and gold. Bound, s. XVII, in limp brown leather, blind tooled. Maturity of delineation of Japan and detailed knowledge of Asian and East Indian areas coupled with Portuguese language suggest map may have been made in Macao about 1630. The notations on f. 180v “De Gaspar Mĩz” [Martínez?], “K” on f. lv and “No 36” written on binding in seventeenth century hands may indicate early owners. Sold in 1863 by Bernard Quaritch to Henry Huth (1815-78). Huth ex libris on inside front cover. Notation “Portolano (5) p. 1171” pencilled on f. 1 indicates The Huth Library (1880) pt. 4, 1171. “H 5917” written on same page is from sale of Alfred Henry Huth (1850-1910), Sotheby’s, 11 July 1917, pt. VI, n. 5917 to G. D. Smith from whom it was acquired by Henry E. Huntington. Bibliography: Cortesão, Cartografia, 1:168-70. De Ricci, 43. Wagner, Portolan Atlases, 9-10. PMC, 5:23-24, with all 18 charts reproduced on pls. 535-39 (ff. 55v-56 and 58v-59 in color).
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