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France, s. XVI1
ff. 1-20v [f. 1, blank]: [Dedication] A Monseigneur et a madame de lorrayne, Si le sentement de l’obligation monseigneur et vous madame que vous avons pouvoyt estre entendu…combien nous troys vous deux supplions…avant que partir de vos pays ce petit escript qui aura nom le traicte de peyne de laquelle par vos aydes et bon moyens sommes sortis…et bien bonnes graces ausquelles desirent estre treshumblement recommandez vos esclaves et tresobeissans serviteurs les penitens de vostre mayson d’arches. [f. 3, Text:] Apres avoyr par longtemps travaille/ Couru trote longuement et sans cesse…En payement ils prendront si leur plaist/ De par nous troys ce present tel qu’il est./ Faict et conclus en vos pays et marches/ Par troys amys dont les troys ne sont qu’ung/ Les penitens de vostre mayson d’arches/ Dont l’escripvain feust et sera “Tant brun.” [f. 21r-v, blank]
E. Paillet, ed., Le Traicté de peyne, poëme allégorique dédié à Monseigneur et à Madame de Lorraynne, manuscrit inédit du XVIe siècle (Paris 1867) from this manuscript (only known copy) in a limited edition, of which one copy on vellum, now Huntington Library RB 194320.
Parchment, ff. iv + 21 + ii; 167 × 111 (127 × 80) mm. 12(+ 3; ff. iii-iv and 1) 2-64. 19 lines of verse, ruled in lead with double bounding lines. Written in bâtarde. Sixteen miniatures in narrow gold frames painted in camaïeu gris with gold and flesh tones: f. lv, full page, the “troys amys” seated at a table, one of them writing; the other miniatures, 10- or 9-line: f. 3, the 3 on horseback; f. 4, the Seigneur and Dame de Lorraine as Goodwill and Charity receiving the 3 pilgrims; f. 6, the interior of the château, as the Seigneur invites the pilgrims to remain with him; f. 8, the pilgrims taking leave of their host and hostess, under the guidance of Understanding; f. 8v, crossing the torrent of Penalty; f. 10, the Captain, Pity, receiving them at the entrance of the Castle of Servitude; f. 11, the pilgrims prostrating themselves in the court of a ruined castle before Understanding and Pity; f. 11v, Pity comforting them and presenting to them a group of soldiers representing Length-of-Time, Sadness, Grief, Regret, Ennui, Distaste and Disdain; f. 13, their visit to the Castle of Sorrow; f. 14, their arrival at the Place of Distress, on the portals of which is written “Seigneurs ostez joye de [vostre esprit]”; f. 15, a bedchamber in the Castle of Sorrow, where, in the canopied bed “of little repose” is an invalid, and a man bathes in a tub near by; f. 16v, the 3 penitents, enfeebled and depressed, beside a tub filled with sulphur water; f. 17v, with their guide in the Gallery of Alleviation; f. 18, Understanding conducting them to the Steps of Healing, at the top of which stands the porter, Good Regime; f. 19, their departure from the Place of Distress through the Tower of Health. 2-line initials and ribbon line fillers in painted gold on a black ground. Bound, s. XIX, in brown morocco by Trautz-Bauzonnet; gilt edges. Written by “Tant brun” (author/copyist?) in eastern France in the first half of the sixteenth century, and dedicated to the Duke (presumably Antoine, 1489-1544) and the Duchess of Lorraine by the three “Penitens de vostre mayson d’Arches” (near Épinal, in the Vosges). Found in 1793 in the Château de Guise, according to a note on f. iii: “Guise, vu Desforges”; Desforges collection; given by Dollé to M. Robillard, président du Tribunal, Reims, who sold it to the Parisian book dealer Potier in 1866; Comte de Lignerolles sale, Paris, 1894, pt. I, n. 25 to Eugène Paillet (1829-1901), conseiller à la Cour d’Appel de Paris; his sale, Paris, 1902, pt. I, n. 2; sale by Sotheby’s, 17 June 1903, n. 106 to Quaritch. Belonged to Robert Hoe: Cat. (1909) pp. 173-74; his sale, Anderson, New York, 1911, pt. I, n. 2180 to G. D. Smith; his Cat. 3 (1911) n. 23 to Henry E. Huntington. Bibliography: De Ricci, 45.
Hoe: Cat. (1909)
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