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WYCLIFFITE TRACT, “The Clergy may not hold Property”
England, s. XVin
1. ff. 1-129: In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti amen. Omnis plantacio quam non plantavit pater meus celestis eradicabitur Mat. XVo, Almiti god þe trinite fadir & sone & hooli goost boþe in þe oolde lawe & in þe newe haþ foundid his chirche vpon þre staatis…þat wiþouten autorite of þe fadir of heuene ben plauntid in þe chirche: leste þou be disceyued bi her fals signes. Amen amen so mot it be. Deo Gracias.
F. D. Matthew, ed., “The Clergy May Not Hold Property” in The English Works of Wyclif. EETS os 74 (London 1880) 359-404, from the “tract version” of London, Lambeth Palace 551. Here in the form of an extended sermon, also found in London, Brit. Lib., Egerton 2820, Cambridge University Library, Dd. 14.30(2) and Ff.6.2, a portion of which is printed by A. Hudson, ed., “Mendicancy” in Selections from English Wycliffite Writings (Cambridge 1978) 93-96, collating HM 503, ff. 109v-122v. Six leaves missing with loss of text after ff. 71, 79, 89 (2 leaves missing), 91, 116.
2. f. 129v: [added, s. XVmed/ex] Sche þat y loue alleþermoost & loþist to begile…& y lay louesik in my bed y bed non oþer leche.
IMEV 3098.5, the 6 lines here written as prose. R. L. Greene, “A Middle English Love Poem and the ‘O-and-I’ Refrain-phrase,” Medium Aevum 30 (1961) 170-75.
Parchment, ff. ii (paper) + i (parchment; former pastedown) + 129 + i (parchment; former pastedown) + ii (paper); 129 × 95 (93 × 60) mm. 1-88 98(-8) 108 118(-1) 128(-4, 5, 8) 13-158 168(-2) 178(-8). Catchwords in lower right margin; quire and leaf signatures in letters (“+” and a-q) and roman numerals. 21 long lines, ruled in ink, top and bottom 2 lines full across; prick marks occasionally visible in the 3 outer margins. Written in a small textura quadrata. Opening initial, 4-line, in blue infilled with a void flower (?) on a pink (?) ground, quite rubbed, the whole set on a gold ground with floral spray border of blue and pink leaves and green tendrils. Latin passages in red; chapter numbers and authorites in red; blue paragraph marks, with the first letter of the following word daubed with red. Numerous corrections and insertions in the hand of the scribe and in other hands, ranging from a word or two to several lines in the margin linked to the text with tie marks. Through f. 19v, marginal notes in a fifteenth century hand including such remarks as “Fy Fy” and “ha ha,” as well as longer notes in Latin and in English. On f. 129, s. XV, pentrial “R [?] b b”; on f. 129v, “Domine est terra et plen//” and, in a later hand, “Cum pari pugnare dubium, cum principe stultum, Cum puero pudor est. Sit pax super omnia prodest.” Bound, s. XIX, in brown calf; earlier covers of English black calf, s. XVI, laid down, with roll forming a central rectangle of Renaissance ornament, Oldham, CH.c (4), 586, and with a tool of a floral spray at the 4 corners and in the center; evidence of 2 cloth fore edge ties; rebacked, s. XX. Written in England in the early fifteenth century, in the same format and possibly of the same origin as Egerton 2820 and Dd.14.30(2); London, Lambeth Palace 551, printed by Matthew, is also of similar size and format. On f. 129, s. XVIin, “The vycar of Byllyngshurst [Sussex] whiche is of goode & vertuos of his lyvyng owyth this lytyll boke.” Armorial bookplate of Sir John Cope (d. 1721) on the front pastedown; also on the pastedown and on f. iii, “vv.viii.4” in red pencil. “XX” in ink on f. i and “20” in pencil on f. iii refer to the entry for this book in the list of the Cope library manuscripts compiled by A. J. Horwood in the HMC, 3rd Report (1872) p. 243. Sale of Sir Anthony Cope (1842-1932), Sotheby’s, 4 March 1913, lot 24. Quaritch Catalogue 328 (1914) n. 585 and Catalogue 344 (1916) n. 39, both with plates of f. 119v. Acquired by Henry E. Huntington in April 1925 from Quaritch.
Secundo folio: as vikers
Bibliography: De Ricci, 71.
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