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HM 504

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England, s. XVex or s. XVIin
ff. 1-75: Explanationes notabiles devotissimi viri Ricardi hampole heremite super lections illas beati Iob que solent in exequiis defunctorum legi qui non minus historiam quam tropologiam et anagogiam ad studentium utilitatem exactissime annotavit [Text:] Parce michi domine nichil enim sunt dies mei, Exprimitur autem in his verbis humane condicionis instabilitas…[f. 60v:] quia dum in carne vi// [f. 61:] //portat nomen presbiteri…sed sempiternus horror, Scilicet in visione demonum, monstrorum, serpencium et draconum et in sensu ignis inhabitans in eternum. Et sic finitur laudes altissimo. [f. 75v, blank]
Stegmüller 7296. Richard Rolle, Explanationes notabiles super lectiones beati Iob [Oxford: T. Rood, 1483], Duff, n. 363, with loss of one leaf after f. 60 and corresponding loss of text (in 1483 edition, H6 verso line 4 to 11 recto line 20). See H. E. Allen, Writings Ascribed to Richard Rolle, Hermit of Hampole (New York 1927) 130-44, listing 42 manuscripts, including HM 504 as n. 40 (p. 135).
Parchment (thick, occasionally fuzzy), ff. ii (modern paper) + 75 + ii (modern paper); 211 × 155 (170 × 113) mm. 1-68 74(no loss of text) 88 98(-1 after f. 60) 108. Written in 2 sizes of calligraphic bâtarde of a continental type. 3- and 2-line initials usually in blue (but in red on ff. 14v and 62) with the following letter touched in yellow; other 1-line initials in the text also touched in yellow. Red or blue paragraph marks; jigsaw line fillers in the 2 colors. Biblical citations written in an orange-red ink, a color not common in English books, through f. 5; thereafter they are denoted by the larger size of script. Bound, ca. 1820, in English tooled blue morocco; gilt edges. Written at the end of the fifteenth century or at the beginning of the sixteenth, possibly in England by a scribe trained on the Continent. Notes in an eighteenth century English hand: on f. 1, the numbers “24-1”; on f. 60v, “Deest folium.” Quaritch Cat. 321 (1912) n. 278 and Cat. 344 (1916) n. 30. Acquired by Henry E. Huntington in April 1925 from Quaritch.
Secundo folio: in reprobationem
Bibliography: De Ricci, 72.
De Ricci
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