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Germany, 1608
pp. 1-54v: [Frontispiece] Astrolabium des hochgelehrten Petrii Apianii. Inmassen solches fürnemblich mit hülf vnnd anweißssung herrn M. Geörgen Galgemayrs Beschrieben vnd In das werk gesetzt worden. Durch Geörgen Brentel Burger vnnd Mahler Inn Laugingen. Anno 1608. [p. 2:] Wie man den Limbus oder Vmschweiff des Astrolabiums machen sol. Das.1. Capitel,…[p. 52:] Hie ist nun das gantze Apianische Astrolabium mit seinen von Capiteln zu Capitel angezaigten vnnd Beschriebenen Circuln vnnd Lieniamenten zu mehrerm verstand des Läsers gantz zusammen gesetzt sich vorerzeltes alles notturffting haben zu ersehen. [pp. 53-54, astrolabe diagrams, with movable layers; pp. 55-56, blank, except for text frame] Paper (watermark similar to Briquet Armoiries, Tête with initials H.S., 2255, Hallstadt 1598), pp. iv + 66 + xii; 212 × 165 (148 × 112) mm. 16(1, 2 pasted together) 2-34 44(-3) 56 64(-4) 7-84. Catchwords in the lower right corner of the text frame on the recto and verso of each leaf. 22-24 long lines; text frame bordered with printed ornaments, a different design used in the last gathering; no line ruling. Written in a secretary script, with chapter titles and diagram headings in textura and roman scripts. Frontispiece, p. 1, a separate sheet glued over the existing leaf, with an elaborate engraving of Renaissance motifs and architecture forming niches for allegorical female figures, all carefully colored in by hand, and lettered in the reserved cartouches. 15 diagrams, in black and red, showing the positions of the stars; diagram on p. 53 has 2 movable cut-out layers with a rotating pointer; that on p. 54 also with a rotating pointer; many of the diagrams drawn on separate sheets of paper and pasted to the leaves of the volume. 3 tables, in black and red, of the positions of the stars (p. 29), longitude and latitude (pp. 35-38), and a calendar (pp. 45-50). Chapter titles in red. Bound in contemporary yellow pasteboards. On front cover: “Wie das Astrolabium zuemachen 1608.” Written in Germany in 1608. The name, “A. F. Schemer, 1775,” inscribed on p. i; on p. iii, the number “XXI.E” and a note in German. Source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown.
C. M. Briquet, Les Filigranes: dictionnaire historique des marques du papier…1282 jusqu’à 1600, facs. of the 1907 edition with supplementary material, ed. A. Stevenson (Amsterdam 1968)

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