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HM 772

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Italy, s. XVII
ff. 1-60: //rispetto al Mazzarino era stimolo per portar <?> L’avversione già presuposta ne’ Spagnoli; I Cardinali Lomellino, Chigi, Corrado Imperiale et Albici gl’erano congionti conti grande amicitia…Piaccia a Sua Divina maestà che si come si e dimostrato propitio alla sua sposa, in darle un cosi santo, e degno Capo, cosi voglia continuare nella sua benignita, dandoli longa vita e prosperando L’Intentioni, che probabilmente nutrisce nel Cuore. Finis. [f. 60v, blank]
Report, beginning defectively, on the conclave which elected as pope Fabio Chigi who took the name Alexander VII (April 1655-May 1666); although the author of the report frequently refers to himself in the first person, it remains uncertain if he is speaking strictly as an author, or as a participant in the events.
Paper (not in Briquet, but of the same type as Etoile 6088), ff. 60; 265 × 200 (220 × 135) mm. Collation impracticable; catchwords irregularly placed on the verso referring to the facing recto, and on the recto referring to its own verso. 19-22 long lines; vertical rules produced by folding. Written by one person in a cursive hand. Unbound; once bound with HM 773, 775, 1313, 1316 and other materials, although not originally. The manuscript belonged to H. F. House; his sale, Sotheby’s, 21 January 1924, lot 948 to Rosenbach. Acquired by Henry E. Huntington. In 1929 the large volume which had constituted lot 948 was disbound and its component parts given separate numbers. They are in their original order: HM 770, Don Phoebo’s Triumph, 1645, in the hand of Mildmay Fane, 2nd Earl of Westmoreland, ff. 9; HM 771, Candia Restaurata, 1640, with notes in the hand of Fane, ff. 23; HM 772, Report on the Conclave electing Alexander VII, the present manuscript; HM 773, Report on Milan, described in this catalogue; HM 1313, Report on Switzerland, described in this catalogue; HM 1316, Ambassador’s Instructions, described in this catalogue; HM 1405, James Lambe, Muster roll of the garrisons of the Cinque Ports, 20 June 1705, f. 1; HM 774, Letterbook of Thomas Fane, 6th Earl of Westmorland, 1705-08, ff. 41; HM 775, Government of France, described in this catalogue; HM 776, L. Mansfield, Odes Blenheminae, 1729, ff. 2; RB 180507, Epicharmata Musarum Fonbellaquensium sive Poema Gratulatorium in honorem Christianissimi Regis Ludovici XIV merito decantatum…in excipiendo…Carolo, dei gratia Valliae Principe, Cornubiae Duce, Britanniarum Regis filio haerede… (Paris 1646) pp. 13.
C. M. Briquet, Les Filigranes: dictionnaire historique des marques du papier…1282 jusqu’à 1600, facs. of the 1907 edition with supplementary material, ed. A. Stevenson (Amsterdam 1968)

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