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HM 851

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Poland, s. XVI
1. f. i, Contemporary alphabetical index to the psalms at matins with reference to folio numbers; f. i verso, later alphabetical index to all the psalms and some of the canticles in the volume with reference to folio numbers. 2. ff. 1-48v: Psalms for matins with antiphons, ending with the Te deum. 3. ff. 49-54: Psalms for lauds with antiphons, ending with the canticle Benedictus dominus deus. 4. ff. 54v-79v: Psalms for the days of the week at vespers with noted antiphons; each day ending with its hymn. 5. ff. 80-108v: Hymns for the temporale, sanctorale, common of saints and the dedication of a church; noted. 6. ff. 109-119v: Hympni Patronorum Ordinis (for the Holy Name of Jesus, Anthony, Clare, the Stigmata, Francis); noted. 7. ff. 120-121v: De Patronis Polonorum Hympni, In festo sancti Floriani, Gratuletur ecclesia nova laudum preconia…[RH 7439]; In festo sancti Stanislai, Gaude mater Polonia prole fecunda nobili…[RH 6877]; noted. 8. ff. 122-124v: Psalms for compline, ending with the hymn Te lucis ante terminum and the canticle Nunc dimittis. 9. ff. 125-129: Noted antiphons for the Virgin at compline through the liturgical year; Responsorium de Sancto Antonio, Si queris miracula…[RH 18886]; noted antiphons for the Ember days of September at lauds. 10. f. 129r-v: [Added in a later hand; noted] Officium gratiarum Actionis, Cantemus domino gloriose enim magnificatus est… Parchment, ff. i + 129; 595 × 385 (445 × 300) mm. 18(-2, 8; no loss of text) 2-86 96(-6; no loss of text) 108(-8; no loss of text) 116(-2; no loss of text) 12-156 166(-6; no loss of text) 176(-6; text missing between ff. 99-100) 18-216 224 232. 16 long lines ruled in dry point. Written in a gothic liturgical book hand; music in square notation on 4-line red staves up to f. 125; arts. 9 and 10 on 5-line staves. On f. 47, following the psalms for matins, a large miniature, ca. 140 × 270 mm., of a friar at his desk copying Ps. 102, enclosed within an elaborate laurel wreath-Renaissance ornament frame, brightly painted in green, yellow, pink, purple, orange, blue and red. On f. 48v, following the Te deum, a large miniature enclosed in a scroll frame, ca. 150 × 350 mm., of putti in a procession, the chariot being drawn by a cat, while some putti ride a goose, a snail or stick horses, and others play bagpipes or engage in mock battle. One historiated initial, f. 95v (Ave maris stella), depicting Gabriel and the Virgin Annunciate. Large initials, 6- to 4-line, with full borders painted in varied geometric or leaf designs in many colors, ff. 1, 49, 80, 109, 116 (Francis); 27 similar large initials, 5- and 4-line, throughout: that on f. 68v, in more sober design and colors, has been cut from another manuscript and pasted in; the initial on f. 121v formed of Renaissance grotesques. Smaller initials, 4- and 3-line, with penwork decoration, ff. 34, 34v, 47v; 3-line initials alternating red and blue, followed by a letter filled in yellow; 1-line initials alternating red and blue. Contemporary foliation in red roman numerals for art. 2; thereafter added in black roman numerals by the same hand as the alphabetical index on f. i verso. Bound, s. XVIII, in heavy wooden boards (the top now loose) covered by leather blind-stamped to form rectangular frames; one of the rolls of foliage with a stag, a unicorn and 2 oval frames, one enclosing a man with tablets (?) and a palm leaf, the other enclosing a man with a crescent on his head (“horned”?), possibly Aaron (?). Large rosette centerpieces and 7 remaining cornerpieces shaped as 2 birds back to back and twisting their heads toward each other; one of the cornerpieces now attached to a top edge instead of its correct position on a bottom edge, as shown by the position of its protruding metal rest. Evidence of 2 fore edge straps, presumably closing to pins on the front cover. Written in Poland in the sixteenth century for a Franciscan convent. Date and source of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown.
Secundo folio: (di-)rumpamus
Bibliography: De Ricci, 76.
De Ricci
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