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HM 946

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England, s. XIV1
1. ff. 1-3v: Statute of Marlborough, beginning defectively “//curaret provisum est et concorditer concessum ut per huius fraudem…,” 52 Henry III; SR 1:20-25. 2. ff. 3v-11: Statute of Westminster 1, 3 Edward I; SR 1:26-39. 3. ff. 11-13: Statute of the exchequer, with the Districciones scaccarii copied at the end as a separate instrument; SR 1:197-98. 4. f. 13r-v: Statute of ragman, 4 Edward I; SR 1:44. 5. ff. 13v-14v: Articles of the eyre, ending “…De hiis qui ceperunt columbas aereas in hyeme per quod columbaria destruuntur per recia vel ingenia”; SR 1:233-34. 6. ff. 14v-15v: Statute concerning money, with the articles on money copied as a separate instrument; SR 1:219-219a. 7. ff. 15v-16v: Statute of merchants, ending “…mes par la lay e les usages en la manere avant usee. Donee a Actone Burnel le duzyme iour de octobre en l’an du regne le rey Edward unzyme,” 11 Edward I; SR 1:53-54. 8. ff. 16v-17: Statute for religious men, 7 Edward I; SR 1:51. 9. ff. 17-19: Statute of Gloucester, in Latin up to the chapter on damages in novel disseisin, and missing one leaf after f. 17: “…ostensurus quo Warranto tenet visum franci plegii in manerio suo de N. vel sic. Quo// [f. 18:] //homme eit desormes bref de Wast en la Chancellerie…,” 6 Edward I; SR 1:45-46 and 48-50. 10. f. 19r-v: Exposition of the statute of Gloucester; SR 1:50. 11. f. 19v: Incipit composicio monete et mensurarum, Per discrecionem tocius regni Anglie fuit mensura domini Regis composita…et octo galones frumenti faciunt bussellum london. hoc est octavam partem quarterii; SR 1:200-01, footnote. 12. ff. 19v-33: Statute of Westminster II, 13 Edward I; SR 1:71-95. 13. ff. 33-34v: Statute of Winchester, 13 Edward I; SR 1:96-98. 14. ff. 34v-35: Statute of Exeter, missing 2 leaves after f. 34: “…que il face venir a certeyn iour e leu// [f. 35:] //avantdyz viles e hamelez toz les chapitres avantnomez…”; SR 1:210 and 212. 15. f. 35r-v: Quia emptores, 18 Edward I; SR 1:106. 16. f. 35v: Circumspecte agatis, missing 1 leaf after f. 35: “…vel rector agat contra rectorem de decimis maioribus vel//,” 13 Edward I; SR 1:101. 17. f. 36: View of frankpledge, beginning defectively “//ceus que vount en message de larons…” and ending “q’en ville marchande. De ceus que fuent a Eglise ou Cimittere e pus sunt lessez…De toutes cestes choses nus facez asaver par le serment que Vus nus avez fet”; SR 1:246-47. 18. f. 36r-v: Manner of doing homage and fealty; SR 1:227-28. 19. ff. 36v-37: Assize of bread and ale, here in French, with the 3 parts, Assisa panis, Assisa cervisie and Lucrum pistoris, copied as separate instruments and in that order; SR 1:199-200. 20. f. 37: Manner of challenging essoins; SR 1:217-18. 21. f. 37r-v: General days in banc; SR 1:208. 22. ff. 37v-38: Statute for the measuring of land, ending “…Quando xlv tunc iii et dimidium”; SR 1:206-07. 23. f. 38: Quo warranto II, 18 Edward I; SR 1:107. 24. f. 38r-v: Provision for the day in leap year, 40 Henry III; SR 1:7. 25. ff. 38v-44v: Incipit Summa Fet asaver, Fet asaver que au comencement de chescun play que est plede en la Court le rey…Mes si la terre luy fust donee en franc mariage donc covendra que ele seit//
G. E. Woodbine, ed., Four Thirteenth Century Law Tracts (Yale University Press 1910) 53-96, here ending defectively.
26. ff. 45-50: //Et iacet solummodo in omni breve de recto ante apparenciam…Si compertus fuit ille qui primo cassavit breve verus tenens. Explicit Summa de quinque essoniis.
W. H. Dunham, ed., Radulphi de Hengham Summae (Cambridge 1932) 54-71, the “Summa Parva” here beginning defectively.
27. ff. 50-54: Incipit Summa Iudicium essoniorum, Primum capitulum de difficultate essoniorum circa viros et mulieres…et sic procedere debent ad alia placita iuxta eorum discrecionem. Explicit Summa Iudicium essoniorum.
Woodbine, 116-42.
28. ff. 54-59: Incipit Summa Cadit assisa, Rex vicecomiti salutem. Si Adam Bonde fecerit te securum de clamore suo prosequendo…, Cadit assisa si petatur tenementum per assisam…si petens ius petendi remanebit possessio suo loco ut predictum est. [f. 59v, blank]
See Woodbine, p. 1 and n. 4 giving references to Bracton; the text is preceded by an assize of mort d’ancestor by Adam Bonde in the time of Edward I.
29. ff. 60-83v: Register of writs, beginning with a writ of right to the sheriffs of London (no names given) and ending defectively in a note concerning disseisin of husband and wife.
Parchment, ff. 83; 298 × 202 (213 × 123) mm. 1-28 38(-2, after f. 17) 48 58(-4 and 5 after f. 34, and -7 after f. 35) 6-78 88(-8 after f. 59, presumably blank) 9-118. Nineteenth century quire signatures, [b]-g, k-n, suggest that one quire is missing at the beginning (which may have contained Magna Carta, Carta de foresta, Provisions of Merton and the beginning of the Statute of Marlborough) and that 2 quires are missing between the present quires 6 and 7 before f. 45 (which may have contained the Summa Magna of Hengham); at least one quire is missing at the end. 31-37 long lines ruled in lead. Written in an anglicana script. Opening initials, ff. 38v and 60, 6- and 4-line, in parted red and blue with flourishing; secondary initials, 4- to 2-line, in red or blue with flourishing of the other color; alternating red and blue paragraph marks; running headlines in the hand of the scribe. Formerly bound in English calf, s. XVIII, with Henry Elsynge, Modus tenendi Parliamenti apud Anglos (manuscript, s. XVII, ff. 126), now shelved separately as HM 947; both parts presently disbound. Written in England in the first quarter of the fourteenth century. On the front pastedown of the previous binding, s. XVIII, “r r s N T.” N. 77 in the collection of Nathaniel Dunbar (d. 1837) of Middle Temple; his signature on the front pastedown and on f. i verso. Belonged to George Dunn (1865-1912); his list of the contents of HM 946, dated January 1895, on the front pastedown and the last flyleaf; Dunn sale, Sotheby’s, 2 February 1914, lot 1347 to Leighton. Precise source and date of acquisition by Henry E. Huntington unknown. Bibliography: De Ricci, 79.
De Ricci
S. De Ricci, with the assistance of W. H. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (New York 1935-37; index 1940)
Statutes of the Realm (London 1810-28)

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