Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


Ms. q. Med. 130

Parch., ff. 1I (modern parchment) + 178 + II (contemp. parch.) + I (mod. parch.), contemporary foliation in red Arabic numerals beginning on f. 3, modern pencil foliation, 195 × 117 (135 × 70) mm., 29-30 verses per page, 12 2-1810 196, quires 10-14 and 16-18 have plain vertical catchwords, quires 2-9 have signatures A-H at the end of the quires, drypoint ruled, double bounding lines, written by one person in a rapid calligraphic humanistic script. Decoration: f. 3, an illumination of a youthful Apollo, with bow and arrow, chasing Daphne who is clinging to a tree, on a plain background of mountains and sky in muted colors, a gold frame of 44 × 62 mm.; f. 3, a 4ߚline gold initial with Petrarch holding a book, and a white vinestem decoration on a blue ground extending into 3/4 of the page, with dark pink and green infilling, ending in tiny gold rayed disks, on the bottom margin the white vinestem separates to support the Strozzi armorial stamp; f. 143, the first capitolo of the Triumphi begins with a 4ߚline gold initial on a blue rectangular ground, with burgundy and green infilling and white highlighting; the capitoli on ff. 154v, 158, 167, 174 and 176 begin with a 3ߚline gold initial on a similar ground; the remaining capitoli on ff. 145v, 148v, 151v, 161, 164, 169 and 171v begin with a 2ߚline blue initial and all of the poems of the Rerum vulg. fragm. begin with a 2ߚline blue initial and are numbered consecutively 1-363 in red ink; ff. 12, 39v and 85v have blue panel decoration. Early binding of uncovered wooden boards, clasps with arms of Medici, straps missing, a hole has been drilled into the lower front cover and the binding is rebacked half calf. ff. 1v-2v, First part of the index of first verses of the Rerum vulg. fragm. ; the second part follows on the back flyleaves I-II, written in a contemporary humanistic cursive script, inc. "A qualunque animale - 7 ... Morte à spento quel sol - 138" and "Nel dolce tempo - 7 ... Zephiro torna - 116". ff. 3-142v, Petrarch, Rerum vulg. fragm. , title "Francisci Petrarce poetae clarissimi sonectorum et cantilenarum liber incipit", inc. "Voi ch’ascoltate ’n rime sparse il sono ..." (nos. 1, 3, 2, 4-28, 29, vv. 1-55, 30-79, 81, 82, 80, 83-119, 122, 120, "Donna mi vene spesso nella mente", 123-135 [nos. 136 and 138 have been cut out], 137, 139-211, 213, 212, 214-242, 121, 243-339, 342, 340, 351-354, 350, 355, 359, 341, 343, 356, 344-349, 357, 358, 360-366), expl. "... ch’acolga il mo (sic) spirto ultimo in pace. τελως. Francisci Petrarce poetae clarissimi sonectorum et cantilenarum liber foeliciter explicit". ff. 143-178v, Petrarch, Triumphi , title "Francisci Patrarce poetae clarissimi Triumphorum liber unicus foeliciter incipit", inc. (Tr. cup. I) "Nel tempo che rinova i mie sospiri ... Vien catenato Giove innanzi al carro"; f. 145v, (Tr. cup. III) "Incipit secunda pars amoris. Era sì pien el cor di maraviglie ... Et quale il mel temprato con l’assentio"; f. 148v, (Tr. cup. IV) "Sequitur amoris tertia pars. Poscia che mia fortuna in forza altrui ... Che ’l piè va innanzi et l’occhio torna adietro"; f. 151v, (Tr. cup. II) "Sequitur quarta pars et ultima amoris. Stanco già di mirar non sacio ancora ... et d’un pomo beffata al fin Cidippe"; f. 154v, (Tr. pud.) "Incipit pudicitie triumphus scilicet ut amorem pudicitia vincit. Quando ad un giogo et in un tempo quivi ... Fra quai conobbi Ypolito et Yoseppe"; f. 158, (Tr. mort. I) "Francisci Petrarce triumphus III mortis incipit scilicet ut mors vincit pudiciciam. Questa leggiadra et gloriosa donna ... Morte bella parea nel suo bel viso"; f. 161, (Tr. mort. II) "Sequitur secunda pars mortis. La nocte che seguì l’orribil caso ... Tu starai in terra sanza me gran tempo"; f. 164, (fragment of Tr. fam. I) "Ultima pars mortis sequitur. Nel cor pien d’amarissima dolcezza ... Poi alla fine vidi Artù et Carlo. Francisci Petrarce fame triumphus IIII incipit scilicet ut fama vincit mortem"; f. 167, (Tr. fam. I) "Da poi che morte triumphò nel volto ... Come adiviene a chi virtù relinque"; f. 169, (Tr. fam. II) "Incipit secunda pars fame. Pien d’infinita et nobil maraviglia ... Magnanimo gentil constante et largo"; f. 171v, (Tr. fam. III) "Sequitur tertia pars fame. Io non sapea da tal vista levarmi ... Che tira al ver la vaga opinione / Qui lascio et più di loro non dico avante. Francisci Petrarce triumphus V temporis incipit scilicet ut tempus vincit famam"; f. 174, (Tr. temp.) "Nel thaureo albergo con l’aurora innanzi ... Così el tempo triumpha i nomi al mondo"; f. 176, (Tr. et.) "Incipit triumphus VI et ultimus eternitatis scilicet ut eternitas vincit omnia. Da poi che sotto ’l ciel cosa non vidi ..."; expl. "... Or che fie dunque a rivederla in celo. Francisci Petrarce poetae clarissimi triumphorum VI liber unicus foeliciter explicit. Laus Deo".
2nd. f.: dolce
Written by the scribe of the Yates Thompson Petrarch (A. C. de la Mare) in Florence , third quarter of s. XV; the same scribe wrote Oxford, Bodleian Library, Montagu e. I and Wellesley College Library, Plimpton 492 (no. 134 of the present Census).1
A library label has been erased on the front pastedown; the Strozzi library stamp (three crescents above an eagle, motto "expecto") appears on f.1 and f.3 over original effaced arms (the same library stamp appears in Boston Public Library, Ms. f. Med. 27 and in Pierpont Morgan M. 920 ); T. de Marinis (sale, I, Hoepli, Milano, May 1925, no. 287, pl. 66); L’Art Ancien, Zurich (cat. 26, 1941, no. 30, pl. 5); acquired (J. H. Benton Fund) from Hoepli (cat., 1953, no. 29), Oct. 5, 1953; formerly Ms. 1552 .
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1. A. de la Mare, "New Research on Humanistic Scribes in Florence," pp. 553-554, no. 106.

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