Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


MS 380

Paper (Huchet, similar to Briquet 7693), ff. I-IV (modern paper) + 285 + I-IV (modern paper), early ink foliation (1-212, 214-245, 247-274, 277-285 and 290-293), and modern pencil foliation which is followed in the description, 215 × 145 (125-130 × 80) mm., 24-34 long lines, 1-2312 248 (+ 9th), perpendicular catchwords, frame ruled in lead, written by one person with varying degrees of formality in a humanistic cursive with annotations by the scribe and several later readers. Decoration: there are crudely executed initials, f. 1, a 4ߚline gold initial on a blue ground with red infilling; f. 1, a 3ߚline red initial on a gold ground; f. 2, a 5ߚline red initial on a blue ground; f. 72v, a red initial on a green ground with some flourishing and gold dots, blue infilling; red initials throughout; proper names are added in the margins. Bound in brown half leather and orange paper boards. ff. 203-265, Petrarch, De remediis utriusque fortune (excerpts), title "De virtutis inopia F. Petrarca", inc. "At virtuti inops sum verum damnum iustus dolor ...", expl. "... proprius accessisse nostri dixere philosophi". Ms. also contains: ff. 1-3, Ps. Seneca (= Martin of Braga) De quattuor virtutibus (excerpts), title "Seneca de quatuor virtutibus", inc. "Quatuor virtutum speties multorum sapientum sententiis diffinite sunt ..." (includes "De prudentia", "De fortitudine", "De continentia" and "De iustitia"), expl. "... aut deficientem puniat ignaviam" (Martin of Braga, Formula honestae vitae, in Martini Episcopi Bracarensis opera omnia, ed. C. W. Barlow [New Haven, 1950], 237-50). ff. 3-10v, Salomonis dicta , title "De sapientia Salamonis", inc. "Cani sunt sensus hominis ..." (f. 6, "Expliciunt proverbia Salamonis et sequuntur ipsius Salamonie [sic] notabilia"), expl. "... obsequio miliciae vobis subditi sunt".
ff. 11-12v, ruled but blank.
ff. 13-198v, Thomas of Ireland, Manipulus florum , title "Sanctorum doctorum ac etiam aliorum quamvis paganorum rationi tamen congruentia dicta memoria et auctoritate digna ad instructionem fidelium ex locis plurimis ut flores collecta feliciter incipiunt", inc. "Vix vidi continentem quem non vidi abstinentem. Ambrosius ...", expl. "... Nec unde certe nec quo pergitis meministis, F. Petrarca libro secundo capitulo de duro itinere" (includes copious quotes from Petrarch’s De rem. utriusque fortune written in the lower margins) (ed. I. T. Gelardi, Monteregali, 1858).
ff. 199-202v and 265v-266v, blank.
ff. 267-274, St. Isidore, De temporibus , title (in a later hand) "Isidori opusculum de temporibus", inc. "[B]reve temporum pergo nationes et regna primus et nostris Iulius africanus ...", expl. "... momenta quia pater posuit in sua potestate. Finis" (This text of the Chronicon attributed to St. Isidore is published in PL LXXXIII, 1017-1058 (and cfr. PL CXLI, 447 sgg.). ff. 274v-281v, Miscellaneous definitions and etymologies primarily of Greek words, inc. "Philosophia cum id est latino et unico L dici potest ...", expl. "... Silva dici potest materia a greco" (ff. 280v-281 are ruled but blank). ff. 282-285v, Table of contents, in another hand, dated Dec. 12, 1495: f. 285v, "In Dei nomine. Amen. Anno eisdem 1495 die x secunda decembris. Explicit tabula istius libri qui vocatur flores collectae auri feliciter finit, etc. Qui scripsit scribat semper cum Domino / Qui me furatur vel reddat vel moriatur. Amen". f. 285v, Six verses, title "Sancti Vitalis verba", inc. "Advenis optatus presul celeberime tandem ...".
2nd. f.: esse genus
Written in Italy before 1495 (see date on f. 285v).
Belonged to the Visconti-Litta Library; also in the Trivulzio library (recorded by F. von Schennis); book-stamp of Swiss-born artist Friedrich von Schennis (1852-1918) on the 2nd front flyleaf recto, ff. 266v, 281v and 285v. Purchased from H. P. Kraus by T. E. Marston ( ms. 244 ) in 1959 and presented to the Beinecke Library in 1969.
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