Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


Plimpton 4

Paper (Cercle, Briquet 3217), ff. 28, modern pencil foliation, 282 × 184 (210 × 114) mm., 37-43 long lines, 116 212, both quires are loosely bound, parchment reinforcing strips in center bifolium, no catchwords or signatures, ruled in lead, written by one person, round gothic script. Decoration: space left blank for 3ߚline initials, proper names written in the margin of the Petrarch text by scribe. Binding, 18thߚcent. marbled paper. ff. 17-27, Petrarch, Bucolicum carmen (lacks beginning), VIII, 19-XII, inc. "//Quin iustam permite fugam, et miserere coapti ...", expl. "... Ceca rotat fortuna fidem, regit omnia factum! / Nunc in rebus spem certam pone secundis. Francischi Petrarche poete laureati buccolicum carmen explicit" (ed. Avena, 133-65). Ms. also contains: ff. 1-15, Baebius Italicus, Ilias latina , "[I]ram pande michi Pelide, diva, superbi, / Tristia qui miseris iniecit funera Grais ...", expl. "... Tuque fave cursu vatis iam, Phebe, peracto. Pindarus hunc librum transuntum vexit Homerum, scilicet argivum debit esse poeta latinum, Pindarus hunc librum fecit sectatus Homerum, Pindarus Homeri transcribens carmina greci, prelia conscripsit sed sic sua carmina scripsit" (Poetae Latini Minores, ed. F. Vollmer, II, fasc. 3 [Leipzig, 1913], 1-55). f. 15v, Note on the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe, written in a contemporary but different hand, inc. "Orbem terrarum maiores nostri tocius terre occeani ...", expl. "... mons caucasus dicitur a portis caspiis que ad armenus portas vel".
ff. 16rv, 27v, 28rv, blank.
2nd. f.: (of Petrarch text, f. 18) quam mea
Written in Italy , s. XIVex., signed by Gaius Mazola notary, at the end of the Petrarch text on f. 27, "Hec Ermus scripsit Mazola tabelio Gaius (and added in a later hand) Qui tociens socios tociens perterruit hostes".
A shelf mark " Ms. No. 46 " is written on the front pastedown in an 18thߚcent. hand; sold by Leighton (cat. II, May 1921, no. 627, and cat. XIV, July 1930, no. 706) to Frances T. P. Plimpton.
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Bucolicum Carmen:
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