Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States

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Ullman no. 63

Lucas de Sussicz, Commonplace book in Latin (a few words in Czech on ff. 27r and 150r) made while Lucas was a student in Bologna. Short selections from many authors, including Petrarch, Istoria recitata secundo a Petrarcha ... (De obedientia ac fide uxoria; ends muliercula passa fuit = p. 606 of Basel edition of 1554; ff. 110v-118r). Paper. 1479. 183 ff., 21 × 16 cm. No. 52 in a library, perhaps that of Prince Dietrichstein at Nikolasburg, Moravia. Obtained from Maggs. The same Lucas de Sussicz in 1479 owned British Museum, Harl. 2678 , which contains the Pseudo-Petrarchan De Arono ; see no. 28 of present Census (p. 95).
Francisci Petrarchae Florentini ... Opera quae extant omnia. Basileae, 1554, in 2 vols. (reissued, 1581, in 4 vols.).
Hortis, A. Scritti inediti di Francesco Petrarca ... Trieste, 1874.
Prose di Francesco Petrarca, a cura di G. Martellotti, P. G. Ricci, E. Carrara, E. Bianchi. Milano-Napoli, 1955.
Rime, Trionfi e poesie latine, a cura di F. Neri, G. Martellotti, E. Bianchi, N. Sapegno. Milano-Napoli, 1951.

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