Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


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[De remediis.] Parchment and paper (part 1: ff. 2-158, Tête de boeuf, similar to Briquet 14645; Part II: ff. 159-218, Tête de boeuf, similar to 14647 and Cercle, Briquet 3118), ff. 218, modern foliation in pencil, 285-290 × 200-204 mm. (Part I, 210 × 145 mm.; Part II, 205 × 140-150 mm.), 2 columns (Part I of 40-45 lines and Part II of 32-38 lines), 1-1212 1314 14-1812, the outside bifolia of quires 1-14 are parchment whereas the outside and inside bifolia of quires 15-18 are parchment, plain horizontal catchwords at the bottom inside margin, Part I quires are signed "Primus - 13us" but Part II has no visible signatures, Part I is frame ruled in ink, Part II is frame ruled in lead, each part written by a different scribe, but both in a German bastarda hand, the script of Part II is smaller and more controlled. Decoration: 1 to 3ߚline red initials throughout, tending to be sparse in Part II; some rubrics are not filled in and others have been added by another person in Part I in a gothic script, black ink; the initials are slashed in red; occasional retrieval notes, corrections to the text and pointing hands in the margins; the chapters of the De remediis, Bk. I, are numbered to correspond to the Registrum on ff. 2v-3v; the indications to the rubricator, at the bottom of the page, in many cases have survived the cropping; a series of leather tabs on the edges mark major breaks in the text as well as selected passages. Binding, 16thߚcent. tanned calf over wooden boards, with blindstamp forming a St. Andrew’s cross on the front and back covers, 5 brass bosses on the front and back, one missing on the back, straps are now missing; a parchment label on the upper part of the front cover reads "Franciscus Petrarcha, de rota utriusque fortune, liber primus de remedio fortune prospere, liber 2us de remedio fortune adverse, De laude vite solitarie duo libri"; parchment label on the spine "Francisci Petrarchae de rota utriusque fortune, de laude solitarie vitae. MS"; the front and back pastedowns have canon law texts written in a 13thߚcent. script. On the front pastedown is a parchment slip with a long note on the volume contents: "Contenta in hoc libro, Primo duo libri Ffrancisci Petrarche qui fuit poeta laureaty (sic) in quibus continentur brevissime et prescise sententie ... Secundus liber est eiusdem Ffrancisci, videlicet de laudibus et preconiis vite solitarie ... qui solitudines colunt. etc.". Front pastedown, title "Franciscus Petrarcha de rota utriusque fortune poeta laureatus". ff. 1-157v, Petrarch, De remediis utriusque fortune , inc. (ff. 1-2v, Preface) "Cum res fortunasque hominum cogito ... sine mensura ac partium proportione, formosum", ff. 2v-3v, "Incipit registrum, De etate florida capitulum primum ... De spe vite eterne 123"; ff. 3v-70v, (Bk. I) "Ex capitulum de Registro scilicet capitulum primum, G.G.G. Etas florida est ... O felix nisi te spes ista fefellerit. Ffinito libro sit laus et gloria Cristo"; ff. 70v-74v (Preface of Bk. II) "Incipit liber secundus De remediis fortune adverse. Ex omnibus que vel michi lecta placuerint ... de altera que dehinc sint dicemus"; ff. 74v-157v, (Bk. II) "De deformitate corporis. Egisse mecum nimis illiberaliter naturam queror ...", expl. "... R. Age res tuas, curam hanc linque (sic) viventibus. Sit tibi rex gloria culmen honorum quia completorum datur hic michi meta laborum" (ed. Basel, 1554, 1-254).
f. 158rv, blank.
ff. 159-218v, Petrarch, De vita solitaria , inc. (ff. 159-160v, Prologue) "Prologus in librum de laudibus vite solitarie Francisci Petrarche. Paucos homines novi ... tranquilleque mentis aspicias"; ff. 160v-161, "Prologus secundus. Credo generosum animum, preter Deum ubifines noster ... (includes Chapters I-III of Sectio I and the first four lines of Sectio II) et quid in illis, in cunctis estima, etc."; ff. 161-181v (starting from Sectio II, I, 4) "Capitulum primum qualiter dives surgit media nocte. Surgit occupatus infelix ... solitudo tibi loquacior videatur, etc. Explicit primus liber Petrarche Francisci de laude vite solitarie. Incipit liber secundus eiusdem de laude vite solitarie et multis exemplis solitariorum, etc."; ff. 181v-218v (Bk. II) "Sencio adhuc aliquid esse ...", expl. "... hoc unum dicere viderentur. Bene suades, recte consulis, verum dicis. Explicit liber secundus Francisci Petrarche de laude vite solitarie etc. Deo gracias. Amen, etc." (ed. Martellotti, in Petrarca, Prose , 286-590).
Written in Germany , s. XVin. (before 1477 according to P. Lehmann),1 of monastic origin. Under the title label on the front cover is a small label with the letters HL, the pressmark of the Salvatorberg Charterhouse in Erfurt; the register of the same monastery lists a manuscript, at class H and no. L, which corresponds to the note of the contents on the front pastedown of the present manuscript.
Fürstliche Bibliothek, Wernigerode (Ms. Za. 71 ; see E. Förstermann, Die gräflich Stolbergische Bibliothek zu Wernigerode [Nordhausen, 1866], 94); owned by J.P.R. Lyell, sold by Quaritch in 1952 (B. Quaritch Ltd., Sale of the mss. of J.P.R. Lyell, London 1952, Cat. no. 699, ms. 110); sold by Sotheby, London, 12 Dec. 1966, Cat., 81-2, no. 206; purchased by SUNY Binghamton from B.M. Rosenthal in 1972.
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