Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


UCB 89

Paper (Tête de boeuf, similar to Briquet 14872), ff. I (modern paper) + I (parch.) + 254 + I (modern paper), contemp. foliation in brown ink Arabic numerals, 210 × 150 (147 × 112) mm., two columns of 40 lines, ruled in ink, vertical bounding lines in lead, 112 (tab of flyleaf between f. 12 and 13) 2-2012 2114, with parchment reinforcing strips, vertical catchwords, written by two persons: 1) ff. 1-5v, humanistic script (semilibraria), ff. 5v-254, humanistic script (semilibraria), hand 2 becomes progressively more cursive at the end, the notes citing the Petrarch texts are written by one person in an Italian gothic noting hand. Decoration: f. 1, 7ߚline gold initial on a faded blue ground with green and burgundy infilling and a crude white vinestem decoration; 2 to 3ߚline alternating red, blue and black initials, red and black paragraph marks throughout. Binding is modern parchment over paper boards with a leather tie. ff. 1-252v, Roberto Caracciolo, Sermones quadragesimales de poenitentia , title "Sacrae theologiae magistri necnon sacri eloquii preconis celeberrimi fratris Roberti de Litio ordinis minorum professi opus quadragesimale perutilissimum quod de penitentia dictum est foeliciter incipit. Dominica in LXXma de facilitate bonorum operum seu bene operandi propter quam peccatores ad penitentias redire debent. Sermo primus", inc. "Multi sunt vocati pauci vero electi: habent hec verba Mathei XI (sic) et in Evangelio hodierno. Propter nimiam caritatem suam ...", expl. "... collaudances et bene dicentes deum per immortalia seculorum secula amen. Finis." ( GW , 6061).
The text is glossed copiously with quotes from various sources, including classical authors, church fathers, Dante, Commedia , and Petrarch, Triumphi (f. 104, Tr. cup. I, 76-87; f. 105v, Tr. cup. III, 40-45; f. 106, Tr. cup. III, 82-84; f. 173, Tr. cup. I, 118-120), excerpts from the De vita solitaria and from the De remediis utriusque fortune .
ff. 253-254, index written by the scribe. f. 254, recipe.
2nd. f.: ex eorum
Written in Italy , s. XVex.; a number of dates are included in the glosses: f. 71v, "Venetiis 1479" and "1480"; f. 72, "Bononie 1487"; and f. 187, "1482".
On the second front flyleaf recto is the note "Ad usum Alexandri Verassi (?) post quem (?)", followed by a note in Hebrew with the number 123; on the second front flyleaf verso is the name Marco Barcella; and UC Berkeley Library pencil notes on the front pastedown "Caracciolus" "MS UCB 89" and "access. 884"; acquired from B.M. Rosenthal of San Francisco in 1966. Formerly f2 Ms. Uncat 1966 11.34 .
Dutschke, Census, no. 11, pp. 64-65.
Briquet, C.M. Les Filigranes, facsimile of the 1907 edition with supplementary material, ed. A. Stevenson. 4 vols. Amsterdam, 1968.
Dutschke, Census
Dutschke, D. Census of Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States, Padova, 1986.
Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendruckee.

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