Census of Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States

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Index of Artists

Ambrogio da Marliano
Ms. 95   
Andrea da Firenze
Ms. W. 410   
Cessolis, Jacobus de
Cortese, Cristoforo
Filippo di Matteo Torelli
Ms. W. 411   
Francesco d’Antonio del Chierico
Francia, F. M.
Iacopo da Verona
MS 438   
Inglés, Jorges
Maître François, Chief associate of
Ms. W. 286   
Majorana, Cristoforo
Ms. 87   
Master of the Vatican Homer
Ms. W. 755   
Monte di Giovanni del Fora
Ms. W. 755   

Index of Binders

C. Lewis
Ms. W. 409   
Ms. W. 286   
M. 427 ,    M. 502 ,    M. 404   
F. Bedford
Francis Bedford
Ms. 95   
MS 222   
M. Adjarian
Ms. C24   
Q. and C. Mc Leish
R. Lunow
V. a. 339   
Kane 30   
Sangorski and Sutcliffe

Authors Scribes Artists and Binders
Owners Dates of Origin Places of Origin
Table of Contents

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