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1. Berkeley, University of California, Berkeley, Bancroft Library, BANC MS UCB 027
Description: - ff. 102 - Dark brown calf, 15th century, over wooden boards with evidence of 5 bosses on each cover, of fore edge straps closing from bottom to top, and of chain on lower center back cover. - Cathedral of Saint Martin, Mainz, second half of the 15th century; acquired by the Bancroft Library UC Berkeley in 1965 from book seller S. R. Shapiro, said to have been purchased from a Trappist monastery in France. Previous call number 2MS BX2017 M2.
Language: LATIN   Country: France, Germany   Century: 12th, 15th
Number of Images Available: 5
2. Berkeley, University of California, Berkeley, Bancroft Library, BANC MS UCB 097
Description: - ff. 37 - Paper-covered pasteboard. - Acquired by the Bancroft Library UC Berkeley from Bernard Rosenthal (1967). Previous call number 2MS uncat 1967 5.10.
Language: LATIN   Country: France, Germany   Century: 14th
Number of Images Available: 5
3. Berkeley, University of California, Berkeley, Robbins Collection, Robbins MS 100
Description: - ff. i + 514 - Blind-stamped leather over wooden boards, 15th century; two brass and leather clasps, repaired. - Henricus, deacon and vicar of Bremen; Gammlung Rolf Gunther, his n. 77; acquired by the Robbins Collection from Lawrence Witten (1980). Previous shelfmark "Ler Z 78 NZ4."
Language: LATIN   Country: France, Germany   Century: 13th, 14th
Number of Images Available: 12
4. Cambridge, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Riant 036
Description: - ff. ii + 114 + ii - 18th century French binding - Belonged to Comte Paul Riant; given to Harvard in 1900 by J. Randolph Coolidge and Archibald Cary Coolidge - Mason Hammond. “Notes on Some Poems of Hildebert in a Harvard Manuscript, MS Riant 36.” Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies 7.4 (1932), 530-539. MS cited throughout. Seymour de Ricci, with the assistance of W. J. Wilson. Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada. New York: H. W. Wilson, 1935-1940. (Reprint 1961). MS cited vol. 1, p. 1004. A. Wilmart. “Le florilège de Saint-Gatien. Contribution à l’étude des poèmes d’Hildebert et de Marbode.” Revue bénédictine 48 (1936), 3-40, 147-181, 235-258. MS cited p. 160, n. 1. Paul Lehmann. “Skandinavische Reisefrüchte.” Nordisk tidskrift för bok-och bibliotekväsen 25.3 (1938), 155-172. MS cited at 155-156. Raymond Klibansky. “Peter Abailard and Bernard of Clairvaux.” Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies 5 (1963), 1-27. MS cited at 3, n. 1. A. B. Scott. “The Poems of Hildebert of Le Mans.” Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies 6 (1968), 42-83. MS cited at p. 69. Bernard Lambert. Biblioteca Hieronymiana Manuscripta: La Tradition Manuscrite des Oeuvres de Saint Jérôme. 4 vols. Instrumenta Patristica 4. ‘s-Gravenhage: Martinus Nijhoff, 1969-1972. Laura Light. The Bible in the Twelfth Century: An Exhibition of Manuscripts at the Houghton Library. Cambridge, MA: Harvard College Library, 1988. MS cited pp.76-77, no. 29. Jorge Juan Fernandez Sangrador. “Textos patristicos en la coleccion de manuscritos latinos antiguos de The Houghton Library (The Harvard College Library,” Helmantica 61 (2010), 259-278 at p. 274.
Language: LATIN   Country: France, Germany   Century: 12th
Number of Images Available: 0
5. Cambridge, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Typ 0584
Description: - f. 1 - Purchased from B. M. Rosenthal, the gift of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Case III; received 24 Nov 1971 - Ulrich Rehm, Bebilderte Vaterunser-Erklärungen des Mittelalters, Saecula spiritalia 28 (Baden-Baden, 1994), p. 44
Language: LATIN   Country: France, Germany   Century: 13th
Number of Images Available: 2
6. New York, New York Public Library, Manuscripts and Archives Division, NYPL MA 013
Description: - ff. 350 - Modern boards covered with leaf from choir book. - R.L. Stuart collection (no. 13871), bequeathed 1892. - De Ricci, 1317.
Language: LATIN   Country: France, Germany   Century: 13th, 15th
Number of Images Available: 7
7. Philadelphia, Free Library of Philadelphia, Rare Book Department, Lewis E M 042:28
Description: - 4 cuttings - Not bound. - John Frederick Lewis, Philadelphia - Faye and Bond, p. 463, no. XLII:28.
Language: LATIN   Country: France, Germany, Netherlands   Century: 13th, 14th, 15th
Number of Images Available: 8
8. San Marino, Huntington Library, RB 086299
Description: - ff. 44 - Bound, s. XV, in brown calf over wooden boards with blind stamps (one of which is an eagle displayed?) in a grid pattern; remains of 2 brass fore edge catches on the front cover and straps on the back cover; rebacked; original spine laid down; alternating leather and parchment fore edge tabs marking homilies and the beginning of the Opus pacis. Parchment label on spine, "Omelie Iohannis Crisostomi"; in ink on the front cover, top center, "C 16." - Written by the author Oswald according to the colophon, "Scriptum manu propria, sicut etiam ipsum librum manu propria scripsi," probably at the Grande Chartreuse, where Oswald was prior, to judge from the paper. Completed on Friday, 5 March 1428. Both the printed book and the manuscript belonged to Weidenbach, the house of the Brethren of the Common Life in Cologne. The printed book bears the following notes: f. i, "C 24 16 [second number cancelled] C 24 Liber domus presbiterorum et clericorum in Wydenbach [last 2 words cancelled]"; f. iii, "Omelie beati Iohannis crisostomi sexterni xx [last 2 words cancelled] I 7. Liber domus presbiterorum et Clericorum in Wydenbach Colonie iuxta sanctum panthaleonem." On f. 1 of the manuscript, "Liber domus presbiterorum zo Wydenbach apud sanctum panthaleonem in colonia et habent eum pro alio libro [qui?] ex isto scriptus fuerit," indicating that it was given in return for the manuscript copied from it. Acquired by Henry E. Huntington in March 1925 from Otto Vollbehr. - Mead, n. 5027. Bond and Faye, 23.
Language: LATIN   Country: France, Germany   Century: 12th, 15th
Number of Images Available: 0
Page: 1