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1. Cambridge, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Lat 179
Description: - ff. ii + 70 - 19th-century French mottled calf binding - Belonged to the Jesuit college at Agen, France (inscribed); Abbé Luigi Celotti; his sale, Sotheby’s, London, 14 Mar. 1825, no. 405, to Thorpe for Sir Thomas Phillipps (stamped crest, MS 24305); his sale, London, 1896, no. 130, to Webster, and 1899, no. 223, to Quaritch. Sold by Sotheby’s, London, 17 Dec. 1900, no. 164, to Ridler; belonged to Charles Eliot Norton. ; Purchased with funds from the Friends of the Library, 1905 - Edwin A. Quain, S. J. “A Description of Latin Manuscript Norton 1001 of the Harvard College Library Containing the De Consolatione Philisophiae of Boethius.” Unpublished typescript: Cambridge, MA, May 1939. Now Houghton bMS Lat 315(22). Seymour de Ricci, with the assistance of W. J. Wilson. Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada. New York: H. W. Wilson, 1935-1940. (Reprint 1961). MS cited v. I, p. 997, 2304 as MS Norton 1001. François Avril. Review of Roger S. Wieck, Late Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts, 1350-1525, in the Houghton Library. Bulletin du Bibliophile 1977, 365-369. MS Cited p. 368. Laura Light, Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Houghton Library, Harvard University. Binghamton: Medieval & Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1995. MS cited p. 287-289, pl. 62.
Language: LATIN   Country: SouthernFrance, Spain   Century: 14th
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