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Notes:-Parchment is damaged along folds.
Acknowledgments: - We thank Per Stobaeus for kindly identifying the bishop, recipient of the papal bull; the description was prepared by Hannah Barker.
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Language: Latin Country: Italy Century: 18th

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Description: - Parchment - 663 x 877 mm
Country: ItalyCardinal point:
Region: LatiumCity: Rome
Assigned Date: s. XVIII2/4Searchable Date Range: 1725 - 1750
Dated by scribe: YesInscribed Date: 1735, December 5
Document: YesNumber of Scribes: 2
Script: Humanistic Cursive
Other Decoration:
Notes: 1 large capital, pen and ink. Rubric says "Clemens Pp. XII". There is a note in the lower lefthand corner by a second scribe, signed Felix and stamped, summarizing the content of the document and linking it to the papal register, folio 262. Dating clause locates it at Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. Latin
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Title: Clemens PP. XII. Concession of nobility
Docket: Pope Clement XII concedes jurisdiction and revenues up to 1000 gold ducats from a set of benefices and churches to Christophoro de Almeida, bishop of Perga.
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Circumspecta Romani Pontificis gratiarum dispensatoris providentia eas consuevit personas precipue favoribus et gratiis prosequi
Notes: This document was issued "sub annulo piscatorio" but there is no sign of a seal ever having been attached. It is signed by Cardinal Oliverius. It is a renewal of an older privilege. The recipient does not appear to be named in the document, but his name appears on the reverse side of the document in the hand of the scribe who wrote the document. Christophorus de Almeida was bishop of Perga in Pamphylia Secunda (in present-day Turkey) from 1735 until his death in 1760. See Hierarchia Catholica medii et recentioris aevi vol. 6 (Padua 1958) p. 333 fn. 2 for biographical information.