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Results for:  Location: Harvard University, Houghton Library
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1. Cambridge, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Lat 199
Description: - ff. ii + 122 + ii - 18th-century(?) calf binding - From the library of George Spencer Churchill, Duke of Marlborough (Bibliotheca Blandfordiana); his sale, 1819, lot 2171; to Rev. John Mitford; his sale, 1860, lot 30; to Sir Thomas Phillipps (MS 15363). ; Gift of Stephen W. Phillipps, Esq., 1950 - Harvard College Library, Illuminated & Calligraphic Manuscripts: An Exhibition held at the Fogg Art Museum & Houghton Library, February 14–April 1, 1955. Cambridge, Mass.: n.p., 1955. MS cited n. 4. A.N.L. Munby, The Formation of the Phillipps Library. Phillipps Studies, no. 4. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1956. MS cited frontispiece and p. ix, pp. 162 and 194. A.N.L. Munby, The Dispersal of the Phillipps Library. Phillipps Studies, no. 5. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1960. MS cited p. 109. Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 71(1966). James W. Simonson, “Codex Harvardianus Horati: A Study of MS Lat 199”. MS cited pp. 346-347. W.H. Bond and C.U. Faye, Supplement to the Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada. New York: Bibliographical Society of America, 1962. MS cited p. 241. B. Munk Olsen, L’Étude des Auteurs Classiques Latins aux XI et XII Siècles. Paris: Éditions du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, 1982. MS cited p. 444
Language: LATIN   Country: Italy   Century: 10th
Number of Images Available: 0
2. Cambridge, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Lat 229
Description: - 1 box (.5 linear feet)
Language: LATIN   Country: Europe   Century: 10th
Number of Images Available: 2
3. Cambridge, Harvard University, Houghton Library, MS Typ 0612
Description: - f. 1 - Sir Thomas Phillipps, 1792-1872; Guillaume Libri, 1803-1869. - W.P. Stoneman in Szarmach and Rosenthal eds., The preservation and transmission of Anglo-Saxon culture (1997), 126, with notices of 2 other leaves from the original ms.
Language: LATIN   Country: England   Century: 10th
Number of Images Available: 2
Page: 1