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Burlington, University of Vermont, Bailey/Howe Library, Special Collections,  MS 6
Description: ff. [i] + 28 + [i] - Tear in parchment of f. 28 was repaired with another piece of parchment and ruled to march the rest of the leaf. - Modern blue cloth; "Ferraro" stamped in gold on spine. - Paper flyleaves contain Italian text and a drawing of an anchor with inscriptions and the date, 1872. Owned by Giuseppe Ferraro the Younger who published the manuscript in 1874. Signed "Giuseppe Ferraro 'ho neoteros'(in Greek)". Given to UVM Special Collections by Professor Giuseppe Ferraro. - De Ricci, p. 2169. -
Acknowledgments: - Thanks to Joy Partridge for her assistance in digital cataloguing of the Burlington manuscripts.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 0
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Language: Latin Country: Italy Century: 15th

Part 1: ff. 1r-28v
Description: - parchment - 253 X 185 - Gatherings 1-3 of 8 leaves, gathering 4 of 4 leaves (wants 1 and 2), gathering 5 of 2 leaves. Text space is 187 X 145 mm. Catchwords, corrections, and maniculae in margins.
Country: ItalyCardinal point:
Region: PiedmontCity: Carpeneto
Assigned Date: s. XVmedSearchable Date Range: 1440 - 1460
Dated by scribe: YesInscribed Date: 1458
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;
Scribe(s): Antonius de Ruzinentis de Ripalta
Script: Italian Textualis
Other Decoration: Large flourished initial and other small initials (f. 1r), and plain red initials bordered with blue ink throughout. Rubrication and paragraph marks.
Notes: Latin Original numbering I-XXIIII, 1-4 (chapter list). On f. 28, final 9-line rubric with date, name of scribe, and city concillors.
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: ff. 1-24; f. 24v blank; ff. i-iiii; f. iiiii verso blank
Title: Laws and Statutes of Carpeneto, Italy Hec sunt statuta et ordinationes communis et hominum ac universitatis loci carpeneti...
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: In primis statuerunt et ordinaverunt quod castellanus seu rector et consules in principio eorum regiminis iurent
Explicit: et intelligi debeant prout littera iacet seu sonat sine aliqua subauditione sive interpretatione seu aliquo intrinsico intellecti. Laus deo.
Notes: Published by Giuseppe Ferraro (1846-1907), Statuti ed Ordinazioni del Comune di Carpeneto Alto Monferrato Circondario d'Acqui Provincia d'Alessandria Pubblicati ed Annotati (Mondovì: Tipografia di Giovanni Issoglio e C., 1874).