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Bloomington, Indiana University, Bloomington, Lilly Library at Indiana University,  Poole 102
Description: One leaf - Not bound. - Bliss sale, Sotheby’s, 21 August 1858, lots 100 and 119, afterwards Phillipps MSS 15659 and 18133; from the collection of specimen leaves formed by Messrs. W. H. Robinson, who bought the residue of the Phillipps library in 1945-46, sold by them to George A. Poole in 1947, and acquired by the Lilly Library with the Poole Collection in 1958. - Faye and Bond 1962, p. 184.
Notes:-To judge from the script and plain ornament, the present manuscript was very probably made in a Cistercian house, doubtless in England. The combination of Pseudo-Cyprian’s De duodecim abusionibus saeculiwith works of Hugh of Fouilloi occurred in a manuscript recorded in the early thirteenth century at the Cistercian abbey of Flaxley, Gloucestershire (Bell 1992, p. 23, no. 49).
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 1
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Language: Latin Country: England? Century: 12th

Part 1: One leaf
Description: - Parchment - 330 x 233 mm - 2 columns, ruled in plummet, 40 lines on recto, each column 262 mm. by 75 mm. with 12 mm. between columns, prickings in both margins.
Country: England?Cardinal point:
Region: City:
Assigned Date: s. XII2Searchable Date Range: 1150 - 1199
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes:
Script: Proto-gothic Textura
Figurative Decoration: Verso with an almost full-page drawing 205 mm. by 73 mm. in ink with colored wash showing an elaborate 12-spoked wheel turned by standing monks on either side, an abbot at the top, a good monk at the bottom, shown as a scholar consulting a book, all in concentric and geometric compartments inscribed in red, blue and dark brown.
Other Decoration: Headings in red; recto with 2-line initials in red and an 8-line initial ‘S’ in green with flourishing in the same color.
Notes: Latin
Number of Texts: 2

Text 1: One leaf r
Author: Pseudo-Cyprian
Title: De duodecim abusionibus saeculi
Language(s): Latin
Explicit: Non itaque simus sine Christo in hoc tempore transitorio, ne sine nobis Christus esse incipiat in futuro
Notes: folio begins "De duodecim abusionibus saeculi consona voce psalmista…" Migne, PL 4: 880-82. Explicit (compare to de Clerrq 1959, pp. 221-2), followed by table of chapters. 
Status of text: incomplete

Text 2: One leaf r-v
Author: Hugh of Fouilloi
Other Associate: Hugh of St. Victor, Hugo de Folieto
Title: De rota verae et falsae religionis
Title: Incipit prefatio magistri hugonis in libro de rota vere religionis
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Sicut comperi non est tibi
Notes: Recto starts with the last words of the Pseudo-Cyprian De duodecim abusionibus saeculi "consona voce psalmista” to “in futuro” (Migne, PL 4: 880–82), with the opening of Hugh of Fouilloi “Incipit prefatio magistri hugonis in libro de rota vere religionis, Sicut comperi non est tibi” (de Clercq 1959, pp. 221–22), followed by the table of chapters. 
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verso   At the foot of the wheel is the scholar monk, the prior on the left and the sub-prior on the right turn it. Its spokes and panels are inscribed with monastic virtues. The scholarly monk rises through each office and eventually becomes abbot at the top.
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