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New York, New York Public Library, Spencer Collection,  NYPL Spencer 007
Description: Vol. 1: ff. viii + 40; vol. 2: ff. ix + 40. - Oak boards covered with crimson velvet, with later gilt metal corners and clasps; center ornaments are four nielli of Cardinal Pietro Bembo and his arms (vol. 1), and Pope Leo X and his arms (vol. 2). - Made for S. Giovanni in Verdara of Padua, which was suppressed by Venice in 1783. Collection of Francesco Leopoldo Cicognara; sale to Zonzi (1860); Sir William Tite sale (1874); A.H. Huth sale (1914). Acquired by Spencer collection ca. 1919. - De Ricci, 1337. Dict. Cat., Spencer Coll., 907. J.J.G. Alexander, ed., The Painted Page(1994) 62. G. Mariani Canova, ed., La miniatura a Padova dal medioevo al settecento(1999) 395-7. - Jonathan J. G. Alexander, James H. Marrow and Lucy Freeman Sandler, The Splendor of the Word: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts at the New York Public Library(London / Turnhout: The New York Public Library / Harvey Miller Publishers, 2005) n. 30.
Acknowledgments: - We thank Prof. Giordana Mariani Canova for her extensive work towards the present description of this manuscript.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 0
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Language: Latin Country: Italy Century: 16th

Part 1: Vol. 1, ff. viii + 1-40v
Description: - Parchment - 282 x 180 mm - 20 long lines per page, ruled in drypoint. Some quire signatures still visible. Gatherings of ten except for first gathering of volume 1 (8 folios) and first gathering of volume 2 (9 folios).
Country: ItalyCardinal point:
Region: VenetoCity: Padua
Assigned Date: s. XVIinSearchable Date Range: 1500 - 1515
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;1, plus vol. 1, ff. i verso-ii, 25v-39v; vol. 2, ff. i verso, f. 30r-v
Scribe(s): Bartolomeo Sanvito
Script: Humanistic; rustic capitals
Artist(s): Antonio Maria da Villafora
Music: Square notation on 4-line red staves
Figurative Decoration: Miniatures; border designs and initials with human figures.
Other Decoration: Hierarchy of scripts in red, blue and gold "rubrics." 1-line through 5-line initials on elaborate fields in various colors. Border designs.
Notes: Latin
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: ff. 1-39v in vol. 1; ff. 1-30v in vol. 2
Title: In nativitate domini prima missa. Lectio epistole beati Pauli Apostoli ad Titum. Lectionary with sequences
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Karissime: Apparuit gratia Dei salvatoris nostri omnibus hominibus erudiens nos
Explicit: (volume 2) Gaudete et exultate: Quoniam merces vestra copiosa est in celis.
Notes: Vol. 1: Epistolary with antiphons and prayers on ff. 25v-39v in different humanistic hands and cursive notes ff. i (verso)-ii. Vol. 2: Evangeliary with an antiphon and a prayer on i (verso) and an additional Gospel selection on f. 30r-v.