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New York, New York Public Library, Spencer Collection,  NYPL Spencer 008
Description: ff. iii + 25 + iii - Bound in dark red morocco by Clovis Even covered with intricate gilt tooling. - Written for the Princess de Rohan. In early 19th century, presented by Boullet (lawyer of Bordeaux) to Charles Athanase, Baron de Walckenaer. Huth collection. - Dict. Cat., Spencer Coll., 903. D.J. Jackson, Esther Inglis, Calligrapher(1937). A.H. Scott-Elliot & E. Yeo, "Calligraphic MSS of Esther Inglis: A Catalogue," Papers of the Bibliogr. Society of America84 (1990) 10-86, no. 17.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 0
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Language: French; Latin Country: Scotland Century: 17th

Part 1: ff. 1-25v
Description: - Paper - 174 x 136 mm - Up to 31 long lines per page. Occasional catchwords visible.
Country: ScotlandCardinal point:
Region: City: Edinburgh
Assigned Date: s. XVII1/4Searchable Date Range: 1600 - 1625
Dated by scribe: YesInscribed Date: 1601, April 21
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;1
Scribe(s): Esther Inglis
Script: Calligraphic scripts, including rognosa and tagliata
Artist(s): Esther Inglis
Figurative Decoration: f. 6: portrait of Esther Inglis; human figures f. 24v. Title pages and elsewhere: animals, birds, insects, masks, and putti.
Other Decoration: Each page (except title pages) has etched border of balls and bead. Decorated throughout with fruit, flowers and decorative bands. 2-line initials.
Notes: The "Libre de l'Ecclesiaste" is dated (f. 1): 21 April 1601. The "Cantique du Roy Salomon" is dated (f. 18): 23 April 1601. The dedication to the Princess de Rohan is mistakenly dated (f. 3): 24 April 1501. Esther Inglis (1571-1624). Latin
Number of Texts: 2

Text 1: ff. 1-16v
Author: Esther Inglis
Title: Livre de l'Ecclesiaste
Language(s): French; Latin
Incipit: Le Livre de l'Ecclesiaste de la main d'Esther Anglois Francoise a Lislebourg en Escosse ce XXI d'Avril 1601. A tres illustre tres chrestienne et vertueuse Princesse Madame de Rohan...
Explicit: Car Dieu amenera toute oeuvre en iugement, touchant tout ce qui est cache, soit bien, soit mal. Fin.
Notes: Esther Inglis was the daughter of French Huguenots who fled to Scotland in 1574. She married Bartholomew Kello, a clerk, in or around 1596. For her work she used first the name Esther Anglois, Francoise, and then from 1604 on, Esther Inglis. 

Text 2: ff. 18-25
Author: Esther Inglis
Title: Cantique du Roy Salomon
Language(s): French; Latin
Incipit: Le Cantique du Roy Salomon de la main d'Esther Anglois Francoise, a Lislebourg en Escosse ce XXIII d'Avril 1601. f. 20: Le Cantique du Roy Salomon. Argument. Le nom, duquel ce livre est intitule, monastre quel en est le sujet...
Explicit: Ton saint Esprit tousiours en ce sentier humain/Asseure, ouvre, redresse, illumine, conduise/Mon coeur, mon oeil, mon pied, mon esprit, et ma main. Ainsi soit il.