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San Marino, Huntington Library, EL 09 H 15
Description: ff. ii + 121 (recte 111) + ii - Bound, ca. 1840, in red morocco with the Bridgewater crest stamped in gold on both covers; marbled endpapers; gilt edges. - Written during the second half of the fourteenth century with additions through the mid-sixteenth century, in the house of the Boni Homines ("Bonshommes") at Ashridge. See Ker, MLGB, 5, H.C. Schulz, "The Monastic Library and Scriptorium at Ashridge," HLQ 1 (1938) 305-11, and provenance of EL 7 H 8. On f. 3, Bridgewater pressmark "L,CC,R,4/8" in the hand of John Egerton (1622-86), 2nd Earl of Bridgewater. The Bridgewater Library acquired by Henry E. Huntington in 1917. - C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). De Ricci, 130.
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Language: Latin Country: England Century: 14th
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Part 1: ff. 1-121v
Description: - Parchment - 185 x 270 mm - 1-118 1212^12# 134 142 and 5 leaves of uncertain structure. Catchwords in frames in lower right corner. 32 lines in the calendar, 29 in the martyrology, 29-36 in the customal. Ruled space, 193 x 120 mm, in lead with single bounding lines, pricking visible in upper and lower margins.
Country: EnglandCardinal point:
Region: City:
Assigned Date: s. XIV2Searchable Date Range: 1350 - 1399
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;6: i, ff. 3-98v and f. 120r-v; ii, ff. 99-110; iii, f. 110r-v; iv, ff. 111-113; v, ff. 115-116v; vi, f. 117
Script: Gothic
Other Decoration: Opening initial, f. 9, 4-line, parted red and blue with void leaf design formed in red, with careful flourishing in red and purple; 3-line initials, blue with orange-red penwork; the red of the penwork loses its orange cast on ff. 99-110 and 115-116v.
Notes: Latin
Number of Texts: 3

Text 1: ff. 9-98v
Title: Martyrology
Language(s): Latin
Notes: ff. 1-2v, blank; ff. 3-8v, Calendar. On ff. 9-98v, a version of the Usuard martyrology, PL 123,601-992 and 124,9-858, closest to the early manuscript the Bollandists called "Praten"; see E. Searle, "The Calendar, Martyrology and Customal of the Boni Homines of Ashridge," Mediaeval Studies 23 (1961) 260-93. Many added obituary notices of brothers and benefactors, including on f. 91v that of John Hundun, bishop of Llandaff, Wales (1458-resigned 1476), printed by H. J. Todd, The History of the College of Bonhommes at Ashridge (London 1823) 22-23. 

Text 2: ff. 90-116v
Title: Customal
Language(s): Latin
Notes: Described in detail by E. Searle and printed by H. J. Todd; see also G. R. C. Davis, Medieval Cartularies of Great Britain (London 1958) n. 14. 

Text 3: ff. 117-119v; f. 120r-v, note; f. 121r-v, blank
Title: Annals
Language(s): Latin
Notes: Leaves completely ruled but entries only on f. 117, beginning with the date 1525 entered at the top of the folio; among other dates, for 1539, "Hoc anno nobilis domus de Asseherugge destructa fuit et fratres expulsi in die sancti leonardi"; the same hand continues to make entries through 1548, and filled in the beginning date at the top of f. 117v, "1561." On f. 120r-v, an endowment, printed by Todd in footnote "m" on p. 19; f. 121r-v, blank.