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San Marino, Huntington Library, EL 34 B 07
Description: ff. 86 (1-6 and 86 = foliated flyleaves) - Bound, ca. 1840, in dark blue morocco with the Bridgewater crest stamped in gold on both covers; gilt edges. - Written in England at the beginning of the sixteenth century presumably for Dame Margery Byrkenhed of the Benedictine nunnery of St. Mary at Chester; her ownership note on f. 85v appears to be in the same hand as the text. The saints whose altars are named for the washing ceremony of Maundy Thursday are not those of Salisbury and thus could be those of Chester; assigned to Chester by Ker, MLGB, 50. Early Bridgewater pressmarks on f. 1, "X/3/" in the hand of John Egerton (1622-86), 2nd Earl of Bridgewater, now cancelled, and "S,8./4." in the hand of the third Earl (1646-1701). The current Bridgewater pressmark and that Library's bookplate on the front pastedown. Acquired by Henry E. Huntington with the Bridgewater Library in 1917. - C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). De Ricci, 134. Aspects of Medieval England, n. 40 open at f. 42.
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Language: Latin; English Country: England Century: 16th
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Part 1: ff. 1-86v
Description: - Parchment - 140 x 200 mm - 16(flyleaves) 28 38(+8) 48 58(+5) 68(+8) 78(+6) 88^8#(+4) 98(+4) 98(6 is a contemporary replacement, attached to the tab of its "conjunct") 108 112(+3, f. 86, flyleaf). Catchwords in the lower right corner; the catchword of quire 2 in an ink frame; quire and leaf signatures in letters and roman numerals. Ruled space, 119 x 89 mm; 7 lines of text and music through most of the volume; 21 long lines in prose sections. Vertical bounding lines in ink; horizontal lines in lead, except in quire 2 where the top and bottom bounding lines are also in ink; the top line of music and text written above the bounding line; slash pricking in the 3 outer margins.
Country: EnglandCardinal point:
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Assigned Date: s. XVIinSearchable Date Range: 1500 - 1515
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;
Script: Textura; Secretary
Music: Music on red 4-line staves
Other Decoration: Major initials, 5- to 4-line, on ff. 7, 12v and 22, parted red and blue with flourishing of both colors in a possible imitation of thirteenth century work.
Notes: Latin
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: ff. 3-86; f. 86v, blank
Title: Processional
Language(s): Latin; English
Notes: Printed by J. W. Legg, ed., The Processional of the Nuns of Chester. Henry Bradshaw Society 18 (London 1899) from this manuscript. ff. 3-4, Material added in a later hand; f. 3v, Antiphon and response for the Consecration of Virgins; ff. 4v-6v, blank; ff. 7-70, Processions for the temporale and the sanctorale combined, ending with the procession for the dedication of a church; ff. 70v-71, Christmas carol; ff. 71v-72, On shere thursday this antym, Domine iesus postquam cenavit; ff. 72-76v, Prayers to follow compline, prayers to the Trinity, the Cross, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin, All Saints, for peace, for the king, 8 prayers for the dead, a prayer to the Cross, and 2 prayers to the Virgin; ff. 76v-78, Benedictions for the nocturns and benedictions of the Virgin for the nocturns; f. 78r-v, Of our lady antyms (Beata dei genitrix; Descendi in ortum meum; Virgo hodie fidelis); f. 79r-v, Rex seculorum quem laudat universa substancia rerum followed by 2 antiphons; f. 80, Antiphons to the Virgin; ff. 80-85v, Prayers in English; f. 86, Added prayer in Latin.